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Surviving Social Media Bullying 101: Senator Nancy Binay Launches Book “Make Love Not War”

Sen. Nancy Binay takes a break from legislation duties as she wears the writer hat to share her tips on surviving social media in the latest ABS-CBN Publishing book Make Love Not War, a collaboration with social media celebrity/parody Senyora Santibanez. 



“You need this book to arm you with the basics of surviving in social media. Senyora and I collaborated to help you save your sanity and credibility in dealing with social media bashing. You can have it my way (cool and calm) or Senyora’s way (tough love with care). This time, we’re BFFs promoting love and not war,” wrote the senator in the book’s foreword.

The book is a fun read for all those active online, as according to Senyora, every little thing becomes a big deal and people feel that everything is about them in the world of social media. You have to “sign up at your own risk,” she stressed.



Readers can find out the 10 basic rules online in the book from Sen. Nancy. “Don’t share whatever issue you have with another person. Deal with it face to face. Do not air your dirty laundry in public and don’t use social media as your battleground,” she pointed out.

Sen. Nancy and Senyora also included several tips to survive social media bullying. “It’s not the end of the world if you get bashed on social media. Go out, reach out to your real friends,” the female senator suggested.



She also recommended to just laugh bashing off. “Appreciate their effort. I’m happy especially when they make memes of me. When you think about it, it’s more than an hour of their time!”

Senyora, meanwhile, highlights the five types of enemies every social media user has online—the debtors, virtual enemies/ keyboard warriors, frenemies, relatives, and exes—which she said to all counter with love.

The hilarious collab also features some of the senator’s musings, the happiness checklist—a special appreciation activity—and also the wit challenge featuring the authors’ answers to several exciting questions.


Learn the art of thriving in social media with Make Love Not War by Sen. Nancy and Senyora, now available in leading bookstores nationwide. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit