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11 Pocket-Sized Lunar New Year Charms You Can Take With You Wherever You Go To Stay Lucky All Year Round

New year, new luck!

The Year of the Brown Earth Dog brings a whole new combination of luck and fortune, both positive and negative, which means it's time to update the trinkets and charms you use to attract — or repel — surrounding cosmic forces.



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While it's common to dot your home and workplace with lucky items to invite good vibes in, people often forget that it's just as important to carry around the right things with you to stay lucky wherever you go!

To make sure that the only good energies stay with you no matter where you're at, check out our list of 11 pocket-sized Lunar New Year charms.


The double happiness sign



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Young lovers often wear this sign as a pendant, bracelet charm, or keychain as its meant to symbolize keeping love alive, or, if you're single, attracting romance! Married couples also keep it near them as a way of maintaining harmony and attraction in their relationship. During the Year of the Brown Earth Dog, this charm is expected to enhance existing relationships and encourage balance between couples.


Five-element pagoda keychain



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Have this on your bag that you use most often. The five-element pagoda is powerful protection against misfortune for the Year of the Dog. It is said that it can drive away untoward incidents that can happen to you at work, while traveling, on the road, or when in bad company.


Tibetan Dzi beads   



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Dzi beads are generally considered lucky all-year round, and regardless of the ruling astrological sign of the year. They're most often designed with circles or dots that represent the "all-seeing eye." This bead that's often mixed with other charms on a threaded bracelet represents vigilance and provides protection from unknown ill-intentions others have against you. Intuition and clear-sightedness are what the wearer is blessed with.


Blue rhino and elephant charms



Most commonly worn as pendants or charms, these spirit animals are your guardians against hostility from enemies and those wishing to send bad luck your way. In the natural world, they're strong animals that can protect themselves from danger, and wearing their representations bestows this power on you. Just like man's best friend, they're great companions for the loyal and watchful dog and can enhance the luck the year is bound to bring.


Obsidian Double Pi Yao bracelet



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This jet black accessory is said to be able to absorb negative energy from within. Because of this, it's often worn by people who need healing, emotionally, physically, and mentally. If you're plagued by past traumas, guilt, chronic pain, or emotional turmoil from the year that's passed, consider wearing this bracelet that can hasten your healing. You'll need to feel your best for the Year of the Dog where it's predicted that only those who can keep up with fast-paced living will thrive.


Mystic knot



The red mystic knot consists of six infinity knots tied together. The end result is the luckiest number of all: the number eight. Hang this knot on your bag or on your car mirror and you'll attract never-ending good fortune, happiness, and overall good vibes all year round. For the more fashion-forward, incorporate it in your accessorizing and wear a statement piece that'll attract only praise. 


Pixiu agate stone pendant



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The Year of the Dog is characterized by quick decision-making and taking action. This engraved obsidian pendant is perfect for the year as it brings out mental and physical vigor, improves stamina, and raises self-confidence — qualities you'll need to reap the benefits of the year ahead!


White dzambala mirror keychain



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Aside from being blessed with love, happiness, and overall smooth sailing this Year of the Dog, we all want to attract wealth! This keychain bears the image of the Tibetan wealth deity Jhambala who is said to not only grant physical and financial wealth, but spiritual richness too. Those looking to improve career prospects, enhance income streams, free themselves from financial trouble, and raise their spiritual consciousness would do well with this trinket near them at all times. Another variation of this keychain is its jade charm counterpart. It's not as portable because it's fragile, so those that opt for the jade version usually hang it in their cars. 


Garuda Wu Lou pendant



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Of all the elements we take note of during each new year, health is the area in our lives that looks like it will need special attention during the Year of the Dog. When it comes to health, remember that the Garuda Wu Lou is a popular symbol that guards against serious diseases. While we can take care of ourselves on a day-to-day basis to fight against common illnesses that are easily cured, it’s more difficult to protect ourselves from other conditions that need more targeted treatment. Have the Garuda Wu Lou pendant on you to avoid falling ill this year.


Accessories in the colors terracotta (red clay), light yellow, sand, and beige



These are luckiest color of the year, so take note! On special occasions and important appointments like birthdays, anniversaries, job interviews, business meetings, and travel, consider integrating accessories or charms in these colors. They bring out the best elements of the Year of the Dog and help make special days go smoothly, without a single hiccup.


Crystals in carnelian, amethyst, and tiger's eye



Carnelian's deep connection with the earth and stability, amethyst's purifying and mystic qualities, as well as tiger's eye's protectiveness and guarding powers are the ultimate triumvirate for lucky crystals this year. They're often bought as sculptures that are strategically positioned in the home, but others also get custom pieces of jewelery (like a ring or earrings) made at a Chinese jewelry shop that contain these crystals. Do the same and you won't only be fashionable, but very lucky, too!

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