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6 Of The Most Surprising Wins And Losses At The 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards

For film and TV buffs and celebrity watchers alike, the period of annual Hollywood awards ceremonies is definitely one of the most awaited times of the year. It's when their favorite on- and off-screen talents receive recognition for stellar work done in the year's most outstanding small and big screen productions, but unfortunately, their picks don't always line up with those of the deciding bodies. 

This is why awards shows are often filled with surprises and snubs, making them ripe ground for discussion and debate over who outperformed who, and ultimately, who the rightful winners should really be. 



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With the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards going by with little opposition, the same can't be said for the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards; the third major awards ceremony for this year struck a sensitive chord or two in many a fan and critic, prompting us to revisit winners' performances and re-evaluate how deserving each triumph truly was. 

Lining up the most talked about wins and losses at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, we ask, did these winners really deserve their statuettes, and who should have come home with one, but didn't? 



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Loss: Bradley Cooper, all awards for A Star is Born

The actor-turned-director didn't see a change of luck this time around when his internationally applauded musical masterpiece didn't come home with any wins during the evening despite being nominated in several major categories. Lady Gaga didn't bag the Best Actress award and neither did veteran talent Sam Elliott for Best Supporting Actor. Bradley himself did, however, get nominated for Best Actor, but sadly lost it to Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody.

This was arguably the most bitter pill to swallow at the ceremony, considering all the praise that Bradley received for his debut film. But the worst sting of all is knowing that he'll never get another shot at winning Best Director; when Oscar nominations were announced, his name was nowhere to be found in the category. 



Win: Patricia Arquette, Best Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries

This actress has quite an impressive filmography, but her latest project, Escape at Dannemora, where she was tasked to fulfill the role of a sexually adventurous woman, had her pushing her own creative boundaries. Upon winning a similar award at the Critics Choice Awards, she cited one thing that helped motivate her bring justice to the role: pushing for the diversity of female actresses in Hollywood perceived to be desirable.

Being a full-bodied woman, it was important for her work to be recognized, as she helps prove a point that a woman's beauty is not attached to the inches of her waist or the pounds on the weighing scale. 


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Loss: The Crazy Rich Asians cast, Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

While Crazy Rich Asians was definitely one of 2018's most memorable films, its biggest fans didn't feel too bad about its cast losing this award to that of Black Panther. After all, both films accomplished similar goals: to improve the status of cultural representation in the film industry and to give actors of non-Caucasian lineage a (long overdue) chance to play major roles in movies. 



WAKANDA FOREVER! ??‍????‍????‍?? #sagawards

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Win: Glenn Close, Best Actress in a Leading Role

She's played many a role, both heroine and villain, in her decades-long career, but in reality, Glenn Close is positively one of the sweetest, most dedicated and selfless actresses in Hollywood. Her honor at the Screen Actors Guild Awards bodes well for her (she won the same award and tied with Lady Gaga at the Critics Choice Awards) as she's in the running for an Oscar for the same award; she's been nominated at least five times by the Academy, but has never won. 

WIll this finally be the year she comes home with an Oscar? 



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Loss: Robin Wright, Best Actress in a Drama Series 

When Kevin Spacey had to bow out of his iconic role as Frank Underwood in series House of Cards, everyone wondered how the show would survive its last season and give justice to the epic plot it built over the years. Enter Robin Wright who played the iron-fisted Claire Underwood who managed to pull the season together (and contributed immensely to the impact of the previous five seasons, at that) on her own.

It was a monumental task she needed to accomplish in short notice, but one she did with flying colors. It's a true shame she didn't get credit for this, and instead, congratulated Sandra Oh for bringing the statuette home. 



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Win: Emily Blunt, Best Actress in a Supporting Role 

If you're hungry for tear-jerker moments this awards season, look no more. As British actress Emily Blunt rose from her seat to give the acceptance speech for her award for her performance in sci-fi thriller A Quiet Placeher husband John Krasinski (who directed the film and also starred alongside her) couldn't help but tear up and applaud her. 

Emotions aside, many are happy about Emily's win as she was a dark horse in this year's awards circuit; her fans and critics knew she did an excellent job, yet didn't receive as many nominations as predicted, making her SAG Award extra special. 



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