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4 Tips To Get Ready For Your Big Cycling Race, According To PRURidePH Coach

We’re counting down the last days and weeks to the biggest cycling event in the Philippines, PRURide Philippines 2019. And if you’re joining at least one of the 18 different races in either Alabang or Subic, you’ll need some last-minute pep talk to get you in the zone. 

We’ve talked to PRURide PH coach, Go for Gold cycling team project director, and head coach of the Philippine national cycling team Ednalyn Hualda, to snag some pro tips to prepare and get ready for a big cycling race.


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Taper before a marathon

The week leading to your race, Coach Ednalyn recommends tapering, which is the practice of reducing the load of your normal exercise before your competition. Many are afraid to cut back on training in fear of losing their fitness, but actually, tapering gives your body the leeway for a full recovery, enabling you to reach peak performance on the day of your marathon.

In cycling, Coach Ednalyn says she usually implements tapering by engaging her students in short-distance, high-intensity training. Because while there are different aspects to train for when it comes to cycling, speed training is the most crucial in the last weeks and days.

The day before the race, Coach recommends two hours of training and not more, to let the body rest.


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Don’t skimp on rest

It’s very important to not deprive your body of the time to repair and prepare itself. According to Coach Ednalyn, athletes need 8 to 10 hours of sleep everyday, compared to normal adults who don’t need as much to repair their bodies. And this is most important right before a race so the body is fully rested and refreshed.

The night before a race, Coach Ednalyn also recommends her athletes to have a massage to relax the muscles and the mind.


Mind what and when you eat

It is always recommended to maintain a good and healthy diet, but there are certain restrictions when it comes to race day. Coach Ednalyn recommends no heavy meal two hours prior to the race. She says, “As much as possible, no meat and no vegetable. More of carbs lang. We stick to a low-glycemic diet before the race to avoid ’yung feeling ng bloatedness and pagsusuka.” 

For stage events, Coach Ednalyn recommends solid foods like banana and bread, and not just relying on gels. Protein and energy drinks are also beneficial compared to water because these replenish the electrolytes lost during the race.


Mental preparation is also important

In marathon events like cycling, one of the unique challenges for an athlete is to keep the mind strong and in control when the body starts to retaliate and communicate pain and fatigue. This is why Coach Ednalyn says that mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation.

“I always huddle my team before a race, kung kaya bang i-carry on ng riders ’yung task na binigay sa kanila. It’s really important to keep your riders motivated, and remind them of their goals, what they’re trying to achieve. Cycling is s team sport that’s won by an individual. So every individual has a task to complete,” Coach Edna says.



Do you think you’re ready for your big cycling event?


Join PRURidePH 2019 this April 7, at Filinvest City, Alabang for the Criterium race, and May 24-26 for the Gran Fondo and Master race in Subic. 


For more information, check out the official PRURide website at


Photos courtesy of PRURide PH