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5 Planned And Thoughtful Father’s Day Gestures To Show Him You Care

While the net is thoroughly dotted with Father’s Day gift lists and recommendations, sometimes, another best way to reach dad’s heart is through a heartfelt, well-executed gesture or surprise. A lot of people say men are simple and straightforward. In many instances they are right. 

It might take a bit more creativity and effort than picking up a usual father favorite from the mall or a fancy boutique, but the following ideas are sure to get him misty-eyed or laughing with joy.


 1. A “Piggy Box” of Love 

In the week leading up to Father’s Day, like with a piggy bank, you and your siblings ought to get a headstart on saving and dropping single secret notes for Dad daily. On his special day, opening a box of stored love in words will certainly make his heart melt.



2. Balloon Messages

Whether tied to a string (you can cut them shorter and let notes hang from the ceiling), dropped inside with a photo before inflation, or written on the balloon itself, balloon messages are a sweet way of expressing your love for your father in mid-air. Fill a well-lit room with balloons and messages from your family and his friends and watch him bother to go through each one. Request people to keep the messages short and sweet 4-5 sentences max so he can go through them easily.


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3. Block Off Your Schedule And Pre-Plan A Day Out

This is a pretty straightforward and obvious idea but it’s probably the most priceless gift a Dad can receive—your time. It’s nice if you hop from venue to venue without telling him what’s next so there’s an element of adventure or surprise—make the reservations.


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We suggest starting with his favorite breakfast place, moving on to a place where he can have something personalized or custom-made, to ending with a surprise Netflix night (with a tent).


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It would be sweet to come home to a cozy prepared scene and he thinks Father’s Day is done and a warm bowl of popcorn is waiting.


4. Make Him Breakfast in Bed

If you’ve never cooked or made anything in the kitchen for your Dad ever, breakfast is probably the easiest meal of the day to prepare. There are so many quick cook breakfast options from pancakes to scrambled eggs on toast.


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If you plate nicely, get out the tray and cutlery and fuss just a bit (make sure nothing is burnt), he’s sure to appreciate the whole act of getting up early and wanting to give him a fresh start. If you have siblings, delegation is key; have someone cook, someone plate, and someone decorate then serve—everyone cleans up the kitchen.


5. Story Yourselves And Loved Ones, Compile Saved Videos, Sneak It Into His Phone.

Living in the digital world has made content creation a breeze to do. Editing on your mobile device is as easy as one, two, three—kids these days get it done in a snap. If your Dad’s not one for grand or huge gestures this simple digital one will move him for sure.



Have the family pre-record and save Instagram story messages (add GIFS and stickers to make it pop and happy) then compile them in a video edit to heartwarming music or his favorite song in the background. Simply send it to his phone in the morning or if you want to go the extra mile, borrow a projector beforehand, invite him down to breakfast and project it on the wall when he comes to the table.