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9 Of 2018's Coolest New Gadgets We Can't Wait To Get Our Hands On

The recently concluded 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show brought the world the coolest new tech it's seen, so far. The trade show organized by and for pioneering thinkers, inventors, and business innovators is a breeding ground for breakthrough technologies not only made for large-scale organizations, but for everyday tech users, like us!

See the products that the 51-year old tech convention got us most excited in this nifty list of our top picks:


The biped Walker by Ubtech



Once just a fantasy in our favorite sci-fi books and movies, robots have become a huge part of our modern reality. This year, Global leading AI and humanoid robotic company Ubtech presented its (rather cute) biped whose primary function is to patrol your home's perimeter. It addresses your security needs by alerting you when it detects motion with its integrated cameras; you of course just have to input the right settings to as not to make it hyper-sensitive to everything in its environment. When off-duty, the biped turns into a grown up's toy and can dance to your favorite tunes and play games with you!

Availability and price: TBA


Smacircle's eBike



China-based company Smacircle claims it's built the world's most lightweight and compact bike. The 15-pound bike can be folded to fit into a backpack and locked with an app on your smartphone. 

Availability and price: Preorder on Indiegogo for $650 (before prices increase). Shipping begins this month.


MARS earbuds from Line and Naver


Still taken from Japanese phones reviews YouTube channel 

Miscommunication, be gone. These wireless earbuds from companies Line and Naver have one basic function that's straightforward on the surface, but can potentially change the world as we know it. MARS earbuds were developed to translate foreign languages in real time as we're having a conversation with someone who speaks in a different language. Both parties wear it then can immediately understand each other. Its first edition will offer the translation of nine languages, including English, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian.

Availability and price: TBA


The Selfly



We love two-in-one products, and this one by Selfly is definitely topping our list of favorites. Taking the art of phone photography and video capture to the next level, the Selfly is a cellphone case that's also a drone! At only 9mm thin, this gadget leverages on stabilizing technology that helps maintain the sharpness of photos taken in the air, while giving you breathtaking views from angles that were previously not achievable.

*The Selfly currently supports  the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, and comes with a universal connector for all 4-6 inch mobile phones.

Availability and price: A Selfly kit is available on Indiegogo for $109.


The WRFA94CIHN smart fridge by Whirlpool


Still taken from CNET YouTube channel 


No, this fridge doesn't cook for you, but home appliances giant Whirlpool has gotten a step closer to making that reality thanks to their WRFA94CIHN smart fridge. The two-door appliance might look unremarkable from the outside, but it really is a kitchen king and queen's new best friend: it suggests how to cook some of the food stored in your fridge, tells you if your fridge has adjusted temperature for better energy savings, and even lets you put in orders of groceries and other household items on Amazon.

Availability and price: This product is priced at $4,400 and sales will begin in the spring in the US.


Samsung's The Wall



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Now this is one wall Jon Snow and his pals are going to be happy about. Samsung introduced us to its newest television called The Wall — a home system that boasts of a mind-blowing 146-inch screen. But there's more to it than just its gargantuan size. The Wall's technology is anchored on Samsung-developed MicroLED, a for-home use version of Samsung's Cinema Screen technology used in movie theaters. Who's making the popcorn?

Availablity and price: TBA


L'Oreal's UV Sense



Many beauty products, especially sun screen, will tell you never to stay outside for too long as it puts you at risk for too much sun exposure. But when you're out and about, we sometimes lose track of how long "too long" is. Save yourself the worry by grabbing this UV sensor from L'Oreal that's really just a tiny patch that you stick to a fingernail. The battery-free gadget that can store months’ worth of data can tell you how long you've been outside and is equipped with a a temperature sensor, and a UV sensor. Sync with the corresponding app on your phone and L'Oreal will analyze your data, then make suggestions about which of its products are best for you depending on how much time you spend under the sun. 

Availability and price: TBA. (L'Oreal is currently working on other stylish ways to wear this accessory).


The ForwardX's CX-1 suitcase



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Turn your heads to this fabulous suitcase from ForwardX that can change the way we travel: they've introduced a self-driving suitcase that essentially lets you walk through airports or other transportation hubs, hands-free. This carry-on suitcase will follow you around like a loyal little puppy at and can go up to a maximum speed of 11 kph.

Availability and pricing: As it continues to fine tune product details like weight and security features, ForwardX plans to release the CX-1 in the latter half of 2018.


The Stellina from Vaonis



Add this fancy new toy to your sitting room, family room, library or den and it'll be the coolest new addition to your space. The Stellina is a minimalist telescope that lets you see the beauty of the night sky as it was meant to be seen. The compact gadget has the ability to photograph stars, constellations, and other wonders of the Milky Way with the press of a button, as well as use GPS to track down where you are.

Availability and price: You can pre-order your Stellina here at a rate of €2249. Deliveries begin in the third quarter of 2018. 

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