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A Comic Lover's Dream Come True! Stan Lee Is Coming To Manila

This is not a cameo.

Comic book genius Stan Lee is officially visiting Manila as one of Comic Con Asia 2018's international guests!



In case you don't know why your comic-loving friends are losing their minds over the news, the 95-year-old graphic novelist is the genius behind Marvel Comics superheroes including — but definitely not limited to — Iron Man, Spider Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, Daredevil, The Hulk, Captain America, as well as world-saving ensembles like Guardians of the Galaxy and of course, The X-Men.



While mostly contributing to Marvel Comics, the award-winning comic talent has also had a hand in creating DC Comics' Superman, Batman, and Aquaman, among others.



For those who have seen the Hollywood films based on his beloved heroes (who hasn't, really?), you may recognize him as the random character who often delivers one-liners, much to the delight of knowledgeable audience members. He's practically cameoed in every Marvel film since the 2000 release of X-Men, and fans have learned to anticipate his appearances!



Aside from his world-famous characters, one of Lee's greatest legacies is elevating the status of the graphic novel from cheap convenience store novelty, to prized artistic, cultural, and literary treasure. Many of his characters and stories are now considered to be time capsules of the era and milieu they were born in, embodying their society's values, fears, hopes, and aspirations.



His participation in Comic Con Asia 2018 — the first Comic Con of its kind — is arguably what will draw comic book fans in the thousands to the event. A press conference as well as a once-in-a-lifetime meet and greet, Q&A session, autograph signing, and photo opportunities await the excited fan.



But lest we forget that this is an Asian-launched event, Filipino talents headlining alongside Lee deserve our attention, too!

Sponge Cola's Yael Yuzon, Walt Disney Animation Studios' Armand Serrano, and comic book artists Harvey Tolibao, Carlo Pagulayan, and Ian Sta. Maria will be there to hold talks about their craft and inspire up and coming artists to pursue their dreams.



Comic Con Asia 2018 won't be without its cosplay talents either, so attendees can expect to be treated to talks by and sightings of Hoku Props, Vampy Bit Me, Nana Kuronoma, Enji Night, as well as renowned cosplay photographer Jay Tablante.



Comic Con Asia 2018 will be held at the SMX Convention Center on March 24 and 25. One-day passes are priced at P800 and two-day passes are at P1,300. Tickets will be available on January 25. A part of the proceeds from Comic Con Asia 2018  will be donated to the widow's fund of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police, and to Marawi evacuees.

Cover and content image from @nerd.break