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A Commune-ion of Home, Sense & Sensibility

Commune at 6th floor of the East Wing Shang Mall 


When Commune was launched in Singapore in 2011, it was a premium furniture and lifestyle brand, seeking to create a vibrant, youthful equity that still knew how to speak of quality, while maintaining price points that made it attractive to the emerging young professional market. Fast forward to 2018, and the runaway success of Commune is such that their Sales and Marketing Director, Gan Shee Wen, can proudly say, ‘We believe our furniture represents the changing tastes of younger generations, and wish to introduce a home-making lifestyle that is ethical, sustainable, yet trendy and chic.’

To achieve this, Commune’s focus is on wood furniture, minimising lead and formaldehyde content for environmental safety purposes. To see is to believe, and thanks to Audrey Ngui, Commune can now be found on the 6th floor of the East Wing, Shangri-La Mall, EDSA. It is most likely no coincidence that Audrey is herself an extremely young entrepreneur, who with good family friend, Justin Sim (who trained with Commune in Singapore), are handling the store and the brand’s reputation here in the Philippines. 


Audrey Ngui with the Commune Sales and Marketing Director, and one of their designers

Justin Sim and Audrey Ngui

Commune places value on timeless designs; introducing one to two new collections a year, but keeping the products that are moving well in the stores. Mid-century modern, modern Scandinavian, retro updated, modern industrial—these are just some of the major design trends reflected in the Commune furniture.




Beyond the furniture, and well-executed vignettes that dot the floor space of the store, there is also something referred to as the Commune experience. Besides their customised in-store fragrance, there’s also a cafe that stand by the Commune entrance, and beckons people to drop in, chill, and peruse the merchandise at leisure. 

Commune also offers an in-store 3D interior planning and visualisation service, which should be an utter joy for those embarking on a home renovation adventure. Hip, and celebrating the natural in an urban setting; Commune should be a welcome addition to the choices available to the Filipino home-owner and condo-dweller. So do drop by the 6th floor of the East Wing, and let Commune’s coffee and dessert be elements of their First Contact welcome!