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#FlorsheimLegacy: A Hundred And Twenty Five Years Of Cobbling

The iconic dress shoe for the stylish gentleman, Florsheim, has been in existence now for 125 years. 1892 is when Milton Florsheim first began producing shoes with his father Sigmund, in a small Chicago factory. All about style, comfort, and high-quality materials, the workmanship that characterised the Florsheim shoe has been a constant for over a century, endearing it to the Florsheim wearer. As a result, a special bond and heritage has evolved, imbuing the Florsheim shoe with a palpable mystique that endures to this day. 

When I first posted a photo of the Florsheim Legacy Pop-Up that stands just by their Glorietta IV store, Monchet Olives immediately commented that the Imperial Venice oxford lace-ups were his very first ‘sosyal’ pair of shoes. And I’m certain for a number of people generation after generation, owning a pair of Florsheims carried a particular ‘magical power’ —like you were now officially grown up, or had reached a certain stature in life.

Until July 1st at their Glorietta branch, there’ll be a special classic leather spa area, where your Florsheims can be polished and shined. A shave and haircut can also be availed of, with free flowing coffee. And on display will the latest collections. And you should see these collections. If you thought Florsheim was some Lolo-brand or one for the Titos of Manila, prepare to be confounded. 



Photos by Philip Cu-Unjieng

While the Brogues, Mocassins, and Penny Loafers do still exist under their Legacy Collections; there are also very hip, street smart styles on display. I loved the Panache Lace Ups, sneakers that are made with Calf Leather. The Sanches is a sleek daytime sneaker. And their Cooper Woven side gusset is their own version of the driving shoe, soft Nubuck leather with vents, and a flexible rubber sole.

If you’ve survived a century plus a quarter, you must be doing something right!