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See You On The Seaplane—AirTrav Takes Flight

In response to the clamor for more efficient travel, AirTrav Corp. was happy to announce that the arrival of their Cessna Grand Caravan 208 meant that regular services to Clark (30 minutes flying time) and to Puerto Galera (40 minutes) would now commence. The Grand Caravan 208 Ex Amphibian seats eight passengers comfortably, including their luggage and personal items, and has the advantage of being able to safely land on water. It was delivered from the USA via 7 island stops across the Pacific Ocean, and seaplane pilot Joshua Mast was proud to join the AirTrav management is saying that all systems were now go for this new chapter of AirTrav-el.


AirTrav’s Cessna Grand Caravan Ex Amphibian


Interior of the Cessna Grand Caravan seaplane


The flights to Clark have a one-way fare cost of P4,500; while one-way to Puerto Galera is P6,000. And on a minimum 24-Hour notice; the seaplane is available for outright charter. Each time the plane takes off, Pioneer Insurance & Surety is covering the airframe, passengers, cargo, and crew. When operating as a seaplane, the flight emanates from, and lands at, the Realship Yachts Terminal, just beyond Harbour Square at the CCP Complex. 

Andrew and Gigi Ngui, the entrepreneurial couple behind AirTrav were proud to say that additional aircraft is in the pipeline, as well as new destinations. It’s only a matter of time, before these expansion plans will be officially announced in detail. Privately, Andrew was happy to say that the Manila-Clark-Manila flights have proven to be very popular. There’s so much happening in Clark, and a good number of business people have seen the flights as a more efficient way to travel, given the dire traffic situation within Metro Manila.


Seaplane pilot Joshua Mast with Gigi and Andrew Ngui

The seaplane business now complements the helicopter flights which AirTrav began in 2015. AirTrav is also the designated helicopter tour provider for the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival held annually at Clark, Pampanga. In conjunction with the Philippine Red Cross, AirTrav has done medical evacuations, search and rescue, and disaster response operations. 


One need only go to AirTravPH to see what flight schedules and services are on offer.