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Are You A Fete De La Musique Virgin? Here’s How To Make The Most Out Of The Biggest Music Party Of The Year

Starting tomorrow, June 23rd, this year’s local Fete de La Musique will be a three-day celebration of sound, snacks, and schmoozing.

If this is your first time to attend Fete, there are more than a few pointers to consider. After all, this is the country’s biggest annual music festival showcasing dozens of homegrown musical artists, featuring fresh talent and experimental performance styles married with familiar musical genres including pop, rock, soul, funk, electronica, disco, jazz, and soul. All performances are free! Take advantage of this chance to discover new music that you might enjoy.

Between sets, you can also explore other local artforms featuring visual arts, film, street theater, dance, and crafts. Here are more tips to make the most of your first Fete dela Musique:

  1. Each featured genre is performed on various  ‘stages,’ in designated venues. Plan your itinerary in advance based on the live acts that you wish to see. There will be ‘pocket stages’ where you can visit performances in clusters.
  2. Since there are plenty of participating performers and venues, wear your most comfortable shoes and clothes because you’ll be walking a lot from stage to stage. You might even need to drive or commute between certain venues. The parking areas may also be far from where the performance is being held.
  3. It’s June. Bring a small umbrella. Or a big one if you’re the type who likes to share. You might even meet someone special.    
  4. Drink your electrolytes and bring extra snacks to keep you energized as you hop from stage to stage. If you don’t drink booze, that is. There’s always plenty of alcoholic beverages around.
  5. Bring extra clothes or at least a small towel. If you’re a child. If you’re an adult, get ready to sweat and wear that sweat throughout the evening. It’s not the 70s anymore but the wet look hasn’t lost its allure, if you ask me.
  6. You must dance. Or go home.
  7. Travel light as possible. Because see rule #6.
  8. Bring a GoPro. Or at least haul a friend who wouldn’t mind taking photo and video footage of the event. A handy power bank and extra battery pack won’t hurt either.   
  9. If you’re not too keen on large crowds, the jazz stage is generally not as packed as the rock, reggae, and metal stages. Otherwise, explore!
  10. Be wary of pickpockets, handsy folks eager to touch you, and overly drunk attendees. Some visitors are also reported to engage in illicit drug use in secluded areas near the venues so watch out and watch your back.
  11. Have an emergency exit plan ready. Parties like this are great but in case they get out of hand, you must know how, when, and where to go as promptly as you can.
  12. Focus on the moment! Even when armed with a camera, there’s no substitute for immersing yourself in the actual event, away from your digital devices. Let the music make sweet, sweet love to your ears.   

You can stay tuned for updates via their official Facebook page

Or check out the stage map here:

Be warned, though – this exquisite marriage of French tradition and Filipino artistry may turn you into an avid Franco- and audiophile once you sample the goods.