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Here's Why B+Abble Has Been Best Thing To Happen In Local Contemporary Art And Design (So Far)

Stagnation and complacency—they're the kryptonite of an artistic mind, the foils to inventiveness and creativity. 

Even the most out of the box thinkers can fall prey to the ugly phenomenon, especially when a certain degree of success adds to the formula; it becomes easier and easier to rest on one one's laurels when a jackpot of expertise, renown, and importance is hit, until one day, the said picture might very well be devoid of all traces of originality and enthusiasm. 

Enter B+Abble, a series of talks organized by Buensalido+Architects, that seeks to combat this in the local contemporary art and design scene through staging some of the most engaging, collaborative, and memorable activities meant to keep the creative industry's movers and shakers moving, shaking, and doing much more. 


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Over the years, B+Abble has evolved to become a hotly anticipated event for the biggest names in Philippine contemporary art and design. Despite being born in an architectural firm—and a highly influential one at that—it now attracts other like-minded individuals that specialize in all sorts of art forms, the purpose of which is for them to find inspiration in each other's work, establish meaningful and beneficial connections for future projects, and of course, to work in unison in elevating local art and design as a whole. 


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The whole thing is reflective of Buensalido+Architects's brand DNA, too, which means participants must expect the unexpected, be comfortable with the unconventional, and enjoy making sense of an unusual approach to such a noble quest. 

There to make B+Abble a reality were distinguished speakers Gabe Mercado of Silly People's Improv Theater, sculptor and visual artist Jinggoy BuensucesoMañosa and Co.'s interior design director Bambi Mañosa-Tanjutco, and architect Joseph Javier of Javier Design Studio Manila


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Buensalido+Architects with B+Abble's host and speakers


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Each of them contributed to attendee's understanding of the many forms of and ways in which creativity can be expressed and made useful. 

At the end of the exchange, Gabe was able to give the audience a glimpse into how improvisational performances—an art that thrives on uncertainty and spontaneity—can actually improve one's presentation and problem solving skills and become a more engaging presenter, while Jinggoy proved the importance of staying authentic to one's style and being courageously unorthodox in a world that values conformity. 


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Gabe Mercado


Jinggoy Buensuceso


On the other hand, Bambi took the opportunity to highlight her Awit at Laro program that's all about preserving Philippine culture through play and art and re-introducing Filipino youth to the beauty of their own culture. With today's social climate, she says reminding young Filipinos that being Filipino is something to be proud of has never been more important. 

Last but not the least, there to advocate for design—or rather, great transformational design—that must have the end goal of improving the lives of those who use it was Joseph Javier. His experience in social enterprise and as a founding faculty member of the School of Design and Arts at De La Salle-College of St. Benilde has encouraged him to push his peers to use their skills for a better cause, one that's way above and beyond a self-serving end.


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Bami Man~osa-Tanjutco

Joseph Javier


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Buensalido+Architects boasts of a 14-year-long history full of unique concepts, avant garde designs, and boundary-pushing projects. Undoubtedly, they will continue bringing forth new initiatives that challenge the Philippines' artists to become bigger and brighter in the years to come.