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#BeaValdesXLanai: A Special Mother's Day Tribute

For the second time in three years, the design team of sisters Bea and Marga Valdes have collaborated with Lanai at The Alley to bring us a special pop-up that runs until this Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 13th. Bea and Marga have basically taken over the second floor of the atelier; and are displaying a rich and diverse selection of their latest in bags, accessories, and apparel. 

As is often the case when one is speaking of merchandise with this kind of price points, each of the bags, minaudière, and accessories are either one of a kind, or done with variations and/or in very limited quantities—as in a style may be replicated, but in a different colour, or in different material, so the item you purchased is, in a sense, unique. 

I found the ‘Ball Bag’ of special interest - one iteration was very modern Filipiniana; and yet, they literally transformed when they were reinvented encrusted with stones and in glittering red, or again transfigured as a midnight black ‘mystery ball’. It’s this sort of flights of invention that have made the Valdes name one to reckon with in the world of high-fashion design from New York to Paris. 




The line of apparel follows a distinct look, and pattern. And yes, the girls are themselves the line’s best Aambassadors. There’s that distressed, unfinished look to the end seams and sleeve-holes, but they somehow manage to look boho and edgy at the same time. With smart accessorizing, they can even look semi-formal. There’s a chameleon-like quality to the clothes, belying how they look when sitting on the racks.






While Bea handles the more creative aspects of the team, and Marga takes care of the business end; they were ready to admit this Tuesday to Sunday engagement was something different for them as they regularly do these things on a weekend basis, two to three days max. This run of six days was something new; and when I dropped by a little after 2:30, they had not had their lunch yet, as a steady stream of clients had been coming in since 11 a.m. opening.


These collaborations don’t happen that often. Concentrating on their export business, it takes time for the two to produce a collection that justifies these pop up adventures. So you have until Sunday to dash to Lanai, and see in a local setting, what Bea and Marga Valdes are up to these days.