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Go On A Sweet Escape In This Mystical Virtual Escape Room

Amp up your virtual Christmas party with your friends this season with a round of drinks and thrill via a trip to Sugarlandia!

It’s the second time we’re celebrating Christmas at a distance. While restrictions have eased up a bit and physical meetups are now manageable, there are times when precautions should still be observed. With the holidays on the roll and malls, restaurants, and destinations getting quite crowded, bonding with some friends can be a bit hard to pull off.

If you’re going the safer route and holding a virtual party this Christmas instead, it doesn’t mean that we should fall into the usual patterns of online gatherings. Sure, trivia games, sipping wine, or swapping stories are fun, but why not try something exciting—or thrilling, even—to make this year’s holiday e-celebrations more memorable?


We found an activity that will spike up your barkada’s adrenaline, even when you’re missing the vibe of the outdoors. Get locked up and escape to your freedom together through a one-hour virtual escape room packed with mystery, puzzles, and sweet, heart-pumping moments!

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Introducing Don Papa Rum’s collaboration with Lost Philippines—the Escape to Sugarlandia. No, we’re saving you from the usual gory or zombie themes of scary escape rooms (save those for Halloween). Since it’s the season to be merry, this game is on a more colorful side; however, it doesn’t mean it’s any easier.


In Escape to Sugarlandia, you and your group’s job is to collect the stolen artifacts of Don Papa from Mount Kanlaon. Looming for eruption, you need to find these missing items and return them to their rightful place, else the place will be gone for good.

The one hour trip is definitely worth getting hype for—despite it being played virtually, you’ll find yourself eager to solve the mysteries, look out for clues, and work together with your friends to claim the victory. We won’t spoil much of the game, but if you need some tips to get through and get out toward the winning side, we say teamwork, open communication, and a sip of Don Papa Rum to get into the spirit will help you along the way.


We promise you’ll be able to escape safe and sound—we finished the game with around 14 minutes left of our time. If we did it, we believe you can, too!It’s not too late to hop on and try this electrifying game! Slots are filling up fast, so gather your friends and book your slot now at Lost Philippines website.

And once the pandemic is over, we might be able to see each other face to face in Sugarlandia itself—as Escape to Sugarlandia will soon be offered in Lost Philippines’ Greenhills Promenade branch!