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Baekhyun Delights Pinoy Fans With First-Ever Solo Manila Concert

‘Lonsdaleite’ in Manila showcased an amazing night of breathtaking performances from EXO Baekhyun as a solo artist


K-pop royalty Baekhyun of supergroup EXO (he’s also Scarlet Heart’s 10th Prince Wang Eun, remember?) recently visited the Philippines for the Manila leg of his Lonsdaleite tour, brought to us by Wilbros Live. It was a night that richly rewarded EXO-Ls and Eris who patiently waited for the artist.

As EXO lead vocalist, Baekhyun has graced the stage of Smart Araneta Coliseum many times before with fellow EXO members but this time around, he conquered the stage and owned it with his charismatic presence and incredible artistry and talent.

Londsdaleite, the title of the tour, refers to a rare type of diamond that’s believed to be harder than the regular types of diamond. Fittingly, Baekhyun exhibited his winning artistry and hard work onstage—and just like a diamond, his awesome skills and stage presence are surely the result of experiences, pressures and challenges that K-pop stars endure to shine and sparkle.


Outside of the concert venue, it felt a lot like a music festival with fans exchanging excitement and freebies featuring Baekhyun merch and other fandom materials. Meanwhile, the energy was palpable inside the jampacked Araneta Coliseum on a Saturday night, all in little hidden anticipation to catch the glorious sight of Baekhyun and be in awe of what he’s prepared for the show. 

When the lights dimmed and the concert VCR started to play, pandemonium erupted and high-pitched cheers automatically filled the Big Dome to welcome Baekhyun in Manila as he opened with EXO’s high-energy song “Diamond.” The singer kept the momentum by following it up with another EXO favorite “Playboy” which showcased his rapping skills by doing EXO Chanyeol’s rap part in the song. Later, he admitted that he quite enjoyed being a rapper given that he usually sings as the lead vocalist in the group. 

Among the notable highlights of the concert is his sexy and awe-inducing vocal performance for the song “Cry For Love” where he first asked the fans if it’s okay for him to get close with the female dancer for the performance, cutely asking “Can I make you feel more inggit?” And the Pinoy EXO-Ls just gamely said “Yes!”

The scene-stealer of the show is definitely Baekhyun’s performance of “Bambi,” a song from his third mini-album. “Bambi” showcased everything we love about Baekhyun—powerful yet smooth vocals, dance prowess and flexibility, and magnetism as he body rolls in a sexy, all-black ensemble with a hat that perfectly matches the vibe of the R&B song.

From dark mode, Baekhyun switched things up with his cute and playful performances of “Betcha” and “Candy” which saw the Big Dome crowd matching his aegyo energy, chanting and singing along to the singer.

A great addition to the singer’s tour repertoire is the inclusion of “Paranoia,” a hype song from popular game League of Legends, which contributed to the dynamic set as Baekhyun sings and dances to the beat of virtual boyband HEARTSTEEL’s debut track. The singer contributed his vocals to the virtual group.

Not to be outdone, the Filipino fans showed their love for the singer as they raised banners for Baekhyun which states, “Your existence is our pure delight, Baekhyunie!” The fandom also surprised the singer by singing the song Beautiful as a fan project and by surprising him with a video greeting featuring EXO-Ls/Eris from the different regions of the Philippines.

Baekhyun ended the show with mellow R&B song “Amusement Park” displaying soft and emotionally rich vocals until it was mildly interrupted with a sudden yet cute sound of coughing from the singer himself. He promptly apologized for it and recovered quickly to finish the song amid a magical explosion of confetti.

The singer parted way with his Manila fans with a “We are one! EXO, saranghaja!” “Thank you po,” “I’ll be seeing you next time,” and a quick, playful flying kiss to everyone’s kilig and delight.

Baekhyun’s Lonsdaleite in Manila is both a triumph and an effective showcase of the singer’s versatility and expertise as an artist. Like most of the fans who luckily caught the amazing show, we can’t wait to see more of Baekhyun’s inspiring journey as a solo artist as the years fly by.

Lead photo from @BAEKHYUN_official on X