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Facebook Still Down For 48 Hours Now And Still Dead Silence From Zuckerberg And His Team

Twitter is alive again—because of the new hashtag #FacebookDown circulating on the social media site.

People are flocking to Twitter for the past 48 hours and it’s still all about Facebook. Apparently, a lot of people are complaining that the Facebook app is still down for many Android phones, and no amount of fix, update, or system restore is bringing back their beloved social media app.




What’s worse is that Facebook is being completely mum about it. Dead. Freaking. Silence. We’ve checked the official Facebook and Zuckerberg pages (both accessed via laptop because the Facebook app of this writer is affected by the outage, too), Facebook and Facebook Newsroom’s Twitter pages, and we’re tuning in to the people tagging Facebook on Twitter—but nothing.

So Facebook knows what’s up. People have been tagging them since the app crashes began on June 16. According to Twitter reactions and commentaries, only Android users are experiencing the problem that the app crashes everytime they click on it. Accessing Facebook through is also affected. Despite deleting and reinstalling the app, it continues to be broken. Some tried deleting their cache and data, but that didn’t work either.

Imagine the anger of people who were not able to access their Facebook throughout the Father’s Day celebration, and would have to settle with real-life face-to-face bonding with their dads, amiright? Imagine spending all of those time going out and talking to the people inside your house instead of scrolling through your newsfeed like a zombie. 



Sarcasm aside, maybe there really is much breather to be taken with the need to scroll through our Facebook newsfeed gone. So maybe we’d actually go and delete our Facebook now that it’s essentially a dead icon sitting in our phones.

But the real problem lies in three key issues here.

One, have you heard about the billions of money flowing to Facebook everyday? Yeah, that’s right. Those money directly comes from our participation in the site and the support that we put in every single time we open the app. You would think that after the data privacy brouhaha, Facebook would be harder on themselves with regards to offering decent and actually unbroken products to their users.



Two, that there’s no single website in the world—okay, maybe apart from Google—that’s as regularly used as Facebook. For many, it has become their daily source of information and news. For some, it has become their regular source of pick-me-upper or way to contact their loved ones that’s half a world away from them. And for some more, like this writer, Facebook is actually a part of their job. Social media managers, communication associates, online entrepreneurs, and bloggers who are using the app to push their products and connect with their clients are finding it impossible to work on the go for the past 48 hours now. And in Facebook time, 48 hours is like 48 years. It would have meant getting drowned by competition, missing out on the trend, and not being able to respond to urgent inquiries.

And three, it’s not so much the crashes or the outage that’s the biggest problem here. In fact, the biggest issue that we take personally here is that the fact that Facebook has been ignoring us. Completely. No acknowledgement of the problem, no statements, no assurance that they’re working on it and are bringing it back in XX hours or days. For a company that’s so big on information and connecting people, dead silence is the path they’ve decided to take in handling this Android fiasco.

In the past 48 hours, this writer has realized that whether we like it or not, Facebook has really penetrated our lives in a way that it would be impossible to #DeleteFacebook without having to delete some part of our lives.

You’ve won, Zuckerberg. We need Facebook like we need that stale three-year-old tea sitting in our cupboard when the rain is pouring hard and there’s nothing else that we can warm our souls with than those dead tea bags. So it’s your move now. For once, let us really feel that you actually care about your users instead of treating us like windows of ones and zeroes that would just plug a mile-long of zeroes into your bank accounts.