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Autostrada Motore Launches The Ferrari GTC4Lusso In The Philippines

Autostrada Motore formally revealed the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso at a private launch at the swanky new Coral Wing of Okada Manila. The sumptuous interiors of the casino/hotel is the perfect backdrop for the exclusive media reveal.


Italian luxury car

Guests were first treated to a delectable lunch, served by the culinary masters of Okada Manila. The fare was fittingly Italian-inspired, in honor of the birthplace of the soon-to-be-revealed car.


The new Ferrari GTC4Lusso


We dined on Vitello Tonnato, Seafood Minestrone, and a particularly scrumptious dish of Roast Beef Tenderloin and Sea bass. The beef and fish was accompanied by Northern Italian side dishes—parmesan polenta, Barolo jus, green asparagus risotto, and petit herb salad. Ricotta Panna Cotta was then served for dessert.

After the important business of eating, Autostrada Motore’s Wellington Soong and Marc Soong rode into the high-ceilinged event hall in a GTC4Lusso.


The author, marveling at the interiors of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso


The car has all the design hallmarks of a classic Ferrari, including that iconic fiery Ferrari red color, called rosso corsa or “racing red."

The car’s name references its illustrious predecessors, like the 330 GTC, or its 2+2 sister model, the 330 GT—a favorite of Enzo Ferrari himself, according to Autostrada Motore.



The number 4 in the GTC4Lusso alludes to the car’s four comfortable seats, atypical to such luxury racing cars wherein most models feature just two seats, or perhaps two extra cramped seats at the back.

The GTC4Lusso is not such a racing car though. At the reveal, the big boss Willie and his son Marc, both tall men, rode comfortably at the back of the GTC4Lusso, a testament to the generous leg space of the car.


Ferrari fans at the GTC4Lusso private viewing


The GTC stands for Grand Turismo Coupes and Lusso means luxury in Italian. The interiors are as flashy as the exterior. The bright brown leather of the seats and trimmings is a perfect foil to the flashy red exterior aesthetic.

Under the hood, there's GTC4Lusso’s naturally-aspirated V12 engine, the most advanced Ferrari engine to date.

The model features the best-in-class power, agile reaction, and velocity. Marc revved the engine, so guests can hear the sound it produces. And oh, what sweet music it made!



Iconic brand

“It has 680 horsepower, and can fit four full-sized adults,” explained Marc, executive director of Autostrada Motore. “So it’s a very practical car. You can actually use it every day if you wanted to.”


Jason Soong, Wellington Soong, Autostrada Motore Marketing Director Johnas Soriano, Autostrada Motore general manager Natalia Trompeta, and Marc Soong


“Despite its practical nature, it’s still a pure Ferrari. 0 to a hundred in 3.2 seconds, top speed 345 kph. Me, I’m at 5’11” and my dad is 6’2” and we both fit comfortably at the back. It’s a very comfortable Ferrari, perfect for long drives with the family.”

As a final note, we asked Marc why Ferrari is such an iconic brand, and the dream car of every car enthusiast in the planet.



“Everyone at some point has dreamt of having a red Ferrari. And we’re the only brand who has raced from the first F1 to the current F1. It has not missed any season. So all those years of racing has just brought all these passion about the brand. So, I think, the interest and passion for the brand started with the racing, and everything just branched out from there. So all the racing pedigree of the racing cars comes into all the Ferrari cars you can buy off the floor.”