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This "Hybrid Instant Camera" Can Save The Photos It Takes And Shoot Videos, Too!

Fujifilm recently launched the newest addition to their Instax product line, the SQUARE SQ20. The camera is dubbed a "hybrid instant camera," meaning it’s a digital camera, but also has the good old nostalgic qualities of a classic polaroid camera—it can print photos instantly.



Metro.Style attended the unveiling at BGC, in the new Bench Café at Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. Upon entering the cafe’s foyer, media guests were given unopened boxes of the new SQUARE SQ20. Upstairs, in the dining area, we then proceeded with the unboxing.

The camera has a square, boxy design, but still, ergonomically fits in your hand. Included in the package is a cartridge containing the special film used to produce those cool photographs a la “polaroids” of yesteryear.



The setup was simple enough, despite the dauntingly thick instruction manual included in the box. The camera is notable for its hybrid nature. This is the first Instax camera that has digital capabilities, meaning it can save the photos it take—unlike previous models that instantly prints the photos taken, without the option to save them on an SD card.



The digital nature of the SQUARE SQ20 opens up a lot of features for its user. After taking a shot, one can easily edit and add a plethora of filters and touch-ups to their photos using the camera itself. The SQ20 can also take 15-second videos, which users can then use to capture that perfect jump shot, screen capture it in the camera, and then with the push of a button, print it.



Portrait photographer

Also present in the event is young portrait photographer, Andrei Suleik, who was the one who explained to media guests how to snap shots, edit, and print their photos using the SQ20. The 26-year-old photographer has recently been making waves in the media industry, with his inspired photography skills, and close connection with stars like Nadine Lustre and James Reid.



The photographer gave tips to media guests on how to take that perfect shot. “You just need to be patient and find that right moment when to take a photo,” Suleik said during the Instax event. “Just keep shooting, and capture moments that you like and feel connected to.”

Suleik is well known for his daring photos of stars, “When taking portraits, I always try to capture the person’s best quality. You need to remember, it’s all about the subject.”



Suleik is a self-thought photographer. “When starting out, I would YouTube for videos on photography. I googled photography tutorials, and just basically turned to the internet to learn,” shared Suleik.

He was completely candid about his background. “I really wanted to do film, to be a director.” However, as fate would have it, he ended up getting excellent chances for photography gigs in various print and online publications. The rest is history, and now he’s living his dream, earning money for doing what he loves the most.

His advice for new and upcoming photographers: “Just keep shooting.”



“You’ll eventually develop your own style, your own identity. In time, you’ll develop and discover what kind of a photographer you are.”

After acquainting the media with the SQ20, guests were then allowed to explore Bonifacio High Street with their Instax cameras. The camera has two color variants, matte black and beige. It took us no time at all to learn the basics of the gadget, and afterwards, we were shooting and printing photos with our Instax camera like nonbody’s business.


The SQ20 is now available at an SRP of PHP 12,999. Available at Fujifilm dealers nationwide. Visit their website at Instagram: @teaminstaxph