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In Case You Missed It: Our Top 2019 Golden Globes' Most Memorable Moments

Ah, the Golden Globes.

It's the show that kicks off the highly anticipated circuit of Hollywood's annual awards ceremonies; it's expected to set the tone of the shows to follow (will they be more politically charged or purely entertaining?), materialize or obliterate winners predictions (Academy Awards winners often take their cue from the Globes), pay homage to film and TV's most deserving, and even solidify award shows' beauty and fashion trends (which will then take the public by storm). 


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Expectations are always at their highest come the Golden Globes, and this year, as it celebrates its 76th edition, it wows yet again, thanks to its winners' rousing speeches, impact on society's current socio-political climate, and its overall star power that never fades. 

And although the 2019 Golden Globes was arguably less concerned with controversy and politics as compared to last year's run, that certainly doesn't mean that it was without its shining moments which we've rounded up below. 



Everything about Sandra Oh

The 47-year-old Korean-Canadian actress wrote Hollywood history by accomplishing so much on this evening. Among her achievements include her snagging the Best Actress in a Drama Series award (for Killing Eve), her being the first Asian woman to co-host the Golden Globes, her applauded comedic performance throughout the night, and her unforgettable tear-jerking acceptance speech where she honored her parents (in Korean) who were sitting in the audience. 

Taken collectively, everything Sandra did, said, and won that night sent a powerful message to American society whose attitude towards diversity and inclusivity, bi-racial Americans, immigration, and multi-culturalism is a subject of fierce debate. 



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Bohemian Rhapsody wins over A Star is Born 

This head to head battle between two music-centric films was a tense and exciting one. Both backed by immensely talented casts who breathed life into two very different stories, the films had fans and critics alike divided about which deserved to be named Best Picture since nominees were announced. 

Ultimately, the Freddie Mercury-focused picture took home the gold, leaving us asking one question: can it repeat the same feat at the Oscars? 


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Bohemian Rhapsody (@bohemianrhapsodymovie) - Best Motion Picture - Drama. Photo by Paola Kudacki (@paolakudacki).

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Glenn Close gives the women in the audience something to clap about 

The seasoned actress delivered socially, and culturally relevant speech (while managing to be funny and commanding at the same time) that was all about women empowerment when she accepted her win for Best Actress in a Drama for The Wife (her third Golden Globes overall). 

A standing ovation greeted her words of "I feel like what I've learned from this whole experience is that women, we're nurturers. That's what's expected of us... But we have to find personal fulfillment. We have to follow our dreams. We have to say 'I can do that. and I should be allowed to do that.'" 


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Carol Burnett gets an award established in her name

Just as the Golden Globes' most coveted awards stir much excitement, special awards have their fair share of fanfare around them, too. They are, after all, given to actors whose lifelong body of work has shaken and remolded the film and TV industry as we know it, setting forth new possibilities for their successors to enjoy and continue to build on. 

This year, a new special award was established: The Carol Burnett Award meant to recognize people's contributions to television, both on and offscreen. 

Carol, who began her career in show business in the 50s, was given this honor, thanks to her contributions to comedy during an era when men dominated the genre television, as a whole. 




Parents are honored during the ceremony

Pleasantly, a handful of winners offered touching words of gratitude to their parents during their acceptance speeches when mostly directors, producers, and castmates are ever given shoutouts. Sandra Oh, Darren Criss, Richard Madden, Michael Douglas, and Glenn Close were among these celebs, while Timothee Chalamet, though not a winner, brought his mom as his plus one as per family tradition. 



momma !

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Emma Stone has her own laugh out loud moment

She didn't go up on stage this time, but she still managed a way to draw attention to herself when she yelled "I'm sorry!" from the audience audibly enough for cameras to pick it up. 

The context? Co-hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh made a joke about non-white representation in Hollywood, citing the Caucasian actress' role in Aloha where her character was meant to be half-Asian as a prime example. The loud, and very comedic, apology was Emma's ad lib response to the jab. 




Regina King poses a pro-women challenge

Just like Glenn Close, Regina King chose to speak about women empowerment in her speech, specifically calling attention to Hollywood's lack of opportunities for women both on and offscreen. Many actresses in the room were nodding along as she spoke, with Jessica Chastain even rising to her feet to applaud Regina. 

The challenge she posed was for all industries to make the necessary changes for women to be given the fair chance to advance like they've always deserved.



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The "Fiji water girl" strikes up an Internet storm

In possibly one of the greatest PR stunts ever, a model and influencer stationed at the red carpet carrying a tray of bottled Fiji water was photographed behind a ton of celebrities while sheepishly smiling in the background. It was discovered to be all on purpose and was part of the brand's attempt to become more visible during the show. 


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Crazy Rich Asians, Black Panther, and Lady Gaga come home dry

Despite the awards season buzz these two films gained for showcasing both Asian and African cultural influences as well as their box office numbers, neither came home with major awards. 

The romantic comedy and Marvel superhero flick bowed out the race, yet many consider their nominations in themselves as good enough progress in Hollywood in terms of recognizing culturally diverse films and talents—for now. 

Lady Gaga, on the other hand, despite a wildly popular performance that showed off her acting chops, in her very first feature length film, lost the award to Glenn Close. 



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Jeff Bridges wins the Cecil B. DeMille Award

This generation will know him as The Dude from The Big Lebowski but Jeff Bridges' career is much more than that. He's proved himself capable of drama, comedic, and action performances, all of which he plays to a tee, and over time he has all perfected.

The Cecil B. DeMille Award was given to him precisely to honor his life's worth of work, validation of all that he's accomplished and can yet achieve. 



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