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Hair Today And Still Here Tomorrow: Svenson At 37

Any service company worth its weight will last for over three decades only because it provides said service with professionalism, a dynamic capacity to evolve with the times, embrace new technology and products, and instil loyalty from its customers while continuously forging new ones. So when Svenson celebrated their 37th year of business here in the Philippines, you just had to salute this company for not only surviving the fickle world of Hair Management & Solutions, but also for being the go-to specialist for those with scalp issues. 


Held at their BGC branch, the pictures here more than show just how much of a family the people and celebrities connected to the brand have become. The camaraderie, the genuine friendship, the readiness to show up and be available, all point to a very special relationship that has evolved through the years between management, the staff, and the Brand Ambassadors. NJ Torres-Jacobson plays a major role in making this happen. 



And whether it’s with Svenson, with Marie-France, or Facial Care; you know you’re in good hands. It’s a group of service companies that take great pride in what they provide, keeping a high standard, and making the clientele feel they’ve found a ‘home away from home’. Congratulations, Svenson, thirty-seven year’s and counting is something you can be very proud of.