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We Attended Sabrina Spellman's 16th Birthday Party And Witch Please, It Was Scary Good!

Netflix Philippines hosted a dark and scary good birthday party for Sabrina Spellman, the leading lady of its much awaited series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (CAOS).



Sabrina’s dark sweet sixteen was also an epic Halloween bash, featuring the premiere of the show’s first episode. The venue was transformed into the magical dark world of Greendale, complete with interactive and life-sized experiences that brought the thrills of #CAOS to life!


Photo by Red Rivera | Netflix



Photos by Donita Rose Fernandez


Guests, dressed as iconic characters from the  show, walked on the Dark Path —a black carpet lined by a row of numbered gravestones, representing the thirteen dead witches of Greendale. 


Aryanna Epperson as Sabrina Spellman | Photo by Red Rivera | Netflix


Greendale Woods | Photo by Red Rivera | Netflix


At the heart of the experiential venue was Malum Malus, an eerie apple tree which holds many secrets in the show. 


Malum Malus


Photo by Red Rivera | Netflix


We took a peek inside the Spellman Mortuary’s embalming room, decked out with mortician tools and gruesome body parts. The best part? There were hidden cameras to capture the guests' reactions as the dead body came to life.


Photo by Red Rivera | Netflix


We were also treated to a special screening of the first episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which left us hungry for more. 


Photo by Red Rivera | Netflix


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix starting October 26.  Check out or watch the official trailer here.


Lead photos by Donita Rose Fernandez