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Make Some Popcorn And Place Your Bets Because The 2018 Emmy Nominees Are About To Be Announced! Do You Agree With Our Top Predictions? 

One of the most exciting events for TV show and series buffs is right around the corner!



The nominees of The Prime Time Emmy Awards, better known as the Emmys, will be revealed this week and it's keeping everyone at the edge of their seats. The glitzy awards show recognizes the most outstanding television programs of the year, as well as the actors and actresses, directors, composers, script writers, costume designers, makeup artists, and more who did a fantastic job at bringing memorable stories to life on the small screen.


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While the the Emmys has always been a highly anticipated event in Hollywood and at home since its first edition in 1949, the announcement of this year's nominees will be especially stirring thanks to the recent explosion of new viewing platforms that have given rise to some of the best television we've seen, by far.


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What was once an award show that simply picked the best of the best TV now has to sift through shows traditionally aired on television, as well as those enjoyed by audiences via streaming. For the big guns behind the Emmys, handpicking who gets a badge of honor this year is going to be a whole new ride!


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With that said, there are certainly some titles and names that we think have stood out from the crowd and are entirely deserving of that coveted, winged statuette. We're placing our bets on our top nominee picks we've listed below, and we'll be happy to tell you why.



Best drama series



Game of Thrones: This epic fantasy show has to be included for obvious reasons. It's on its last season, but it's managed to keep the ball rolling after eight years with its awesome visual effects, superb acting, unbeatable costume design, and unpredictable storylines. Who gets to finally claim the iron throne is anyone's guess. 



The Handmaid's TaleNo show on television today mirrors society as well as the dystopian one featured in this painful to watch, yet captivating, series. Its themes, sharp portrayals of society's powerful, and gripping storytelling make it a top contender. 



The Americans: Romanceaction, suspense, lighthearted family moments—name it, and this show has it. Introduced in 2013, this period drama about a husband and wife with more-interesting-than-average day jobs has spoken to its audience, and kept them hooked, thanks to its metaphorical representation of married life and human relations as a whole; audiences are left reflecting on their own lives after each episode.



The Crown: This biographical drama was a feat to accomplish given the massive amounts of research needed to accurately piece together its intelligent dialogue and detailed setting. Considering that its subject is the life of the UK's reigning monarch, the show was a big leap for television as it touched on many a sensitive issue about the Queen, unhesitatingly showcasing the good, the bad, the glamorous, and the ugly sides of the British monarchy throughout the decades. 



Best comedy series



Black-ish: Given the often socially and culturally complicated times we live in, we should all be thankful for the brave cast and crew who took the risk in creating and starring in a series that successfully (yet tastefully) pokes fun at race-related issues. This show that focuses on a well to do African-American family trying to figure out how their ethnic and cultural heritage fits into their American lives is a pleasure to watch with company, or even on your own. 



Atlanta: As another heartwarming show that doesn't take itself too seriously, Atlanta's characters tug at heartstrings thanks to their all too real desires to succeed, chase their dreams, and be of help to those they love—regardless of all the hilarious shenanigans encountered along the way. Silly at times but always able to leave you smiling, this one deserves an Emmy nod, at the very least. 



GLOW: In the midst of television adaptations, revivals, and re-interpretations, GLOW has most definitely been one of the most original and well thought out series in the last few years, making it a more than deserving nominee. It's also one of the first shows to focus on women in non-typical female roles (the GLOW girls are tough yet lovable professional wrestlers from the 80s, complete with glitter eyeshadow and larger than life perms). It's girl power at its best, but presented in a totally refreshing way. 



Barry: Anything that comes from the mind of Bill Hader, and is acted out by Bill Hader, is sure to have everyone in stitches. Straight from the mind of this SNL alum, this TV hit brings a strange satisfaction to viewers by striking the sweet spot between a reluctant, unlikely hero finding himself and the necessary growing pains he must go through to break out of his shell. 


We'd love to share our thoughts about who deserves to bring home the awards for lead and supporting actor and actresses, as well as those for the Emmys other major categories, but we wouldn't be able to stop!

We'll let the experts take it from here, and fortunately, we can all watch them live and feel the excitement from the drum roll together. The official 2018 Emmy nominees will be announced on July 12, Friday, and until then, we'll keep ourselves on our toes with our best guesses!