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Ipanema + Starck: Slipper On A Pedestal

Cinderella may have had her fabled glass slipper; but in today’s world, the burning question thrown at her would be, ‘Was it designed by Philippe Starck?’ Ipanema by Starck isn’t made of glass, it’s rubber slippers through and through, but made of recyclable material in this second collaboration between Ipanema and the man. And yet, by virtue of being bestowed with the touch of this living icon of design, it’s become a veritable object of desire—and that’s some feat when you face the inescapable fact that we’re talking about a pair of ‘tsinelas’!


This second partnership between Ipanema and Mr. Starck is very much part of his philosophy of democratising Design and making it available to as many people as possible. Renowned for his interior, product, industrial, and architectural design contributions, Philippe Starck has never been shy about ‘spreading his wings’. Luggage for Delsey, furniture for Kartell, Driade, Cassina, his own Starck Beer, Hotels all over the world, his bid for the 2024 Paris Olympic medals, even at 69 years of age, there’s just no slowing down for Mr. Starck.


While there are definite nods design-wise to the first Ipanema collaboration, the use of renewable material, is a major feature of the new collection. Minimalist as always; Starck’s simple, fluid lines are put to great use with the different models of slippers. ELRO, led by Mr. Patxi Elizalde, was more than happy to host a lunch announcing this new collaboration, and listing their stores where the Starck collection will be available.