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We Can't Get Over How Spectacular Kang Daniel's "First Parade" Show In Manila Was

The K-pop star treated his Filipino DANITYs to a two-hour concert

It’s been years since K-pop star Kang Daniel embarked on his solo career. Fast forward to present and he finally brought his solo music live in Manila with his first ever solo concert, “First Parade,” last October 22.

The New Frontier Theater was full of excitement from Filipino DANITYs (his fans) last weekend. Even before the concert began, cheers from the crowd could be heard, with everyone raising their lightsticks and banners to welcome the artist. As soon as lights were turned off and the wall installation opened for Kang Daniel’s entrance, people were treated to a two-hour-long spectacular show that only the K-pop soloist can deliver.

Throughout the showcase, he prepared video visuals that introduced each part of the show, where Kang Daniel is seen in a room scribbling ideas for, perhaps, a song, and the goings-on in his head.

The first part was all about getting to know him better, followed by vibrant and energetic performances of “Flash,” “Parade,” a remix of his collab with Jessi called “Don’t Tell” and his 2020 track “Waves.” He concluded this part with “TOUCHIN,” clad in a glitzy gold jacket and black-and-white suit.

The second part saw a more romantic setup, with the visual following the 25-year-old singer preparing for a dinner date. He re-entered the stage in a casual green jersey, and performed his fun and lively tracks “Jealous,” “2U,” “Upside Down,” and “How We Live.” 

He took a break from singing and dancing with a little Q&A portion, where he had to choose between two things. Fans found out more about the artist. He shared that he opts to sleep all day than to eat his favorite food when it comes to his idea of a perfect day. He said he would rather travel to the future than the past. He said that he prefers sour than salty food. He shared his love for gaming and spilled that he would feel embarrassed doing aegyo in front of his parents!

Halfway through is the more somber part of the show—where a video showed Kang Daniel seemingly in a confused state. Wearing an all-white outfit, he then performed his edgier singles “Misunderstood,” “Loser,” “Antidote,” and “PARANOIA.”

The last part showed the way to healing and becoming better. The singer flexed his vocals with the songs “Save U,” “1000x,” and closed this segment with “Moment.” 

After bidding goodbye to the fans, Kang Daniel surprised everyone with an encore performance of his song “Adulthood.”

We hope the “First Parade” is just the first of what we hope will be many more Philippine shows of Kang Daniel in the future. 

Lead photos by Raven Alexandra

Special thanks to Wilbros Live