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Kris For-Ever

A balmy Saturday morning couldn't dampen the high spirits and excitement that surrounded the Media event announcing that Kris Aquino was joining the Ever Bilena cosmetics 'family'. Celebrating its 35th year in the business, Ever Bilena, the premier domestic cosmetics brand, couldn't ask for a more effective spokesperson for the brand on this milestone year.



Throughout her career, Kris has been one of the more savvy endorsers any brand can acquire. Knowing what kind of endorsement 'power' she commands; she in turn, makes it a point to personally believe in the products she endorses, and fiercely protect them in the course of her everyday life. Case in point was how, as the event started, she immediately noticed that the bottled water placed at the head table wasn't the brand she endorses, and politely asked that they be removed. It's this kind of awareness that endears her to the brands who have contracted with her; and I commented to Dioceldo Sy, President and CEO of Ever Bilena, that he can now expect that same kind of loyalty.


Ever a great interview subject; Kris talks about her affinity to the brand, Ever Bilena


They just can’t get enough of Kris Aquino.


When asked what were the more memorable Life lessons she got from her late mother, President Cory Aquino, Kris was ready with her answers and to expound on them. First, was to never be in debt - to make sure that all you have, can claim as yours, is acquired from your hard earned effort. One can never be sure of what will happen in the future, so best not to amass possessions via 'utang' or loans.

Know that everything is temporary. While that is encouraging for those moments when one is down or you are going through bad times - that it will pass; the converse is just as true. And here Kris talked about popularity and your time in the limelight; how there will come a time when that spotlight will wane or be shut off, and so all one does has to be with this in mind.


Dioceldo Sy and Denice Sy of Ever Bilena with new endorser Kris Aquino


Be good to the people who work for you - Kris was proud to talk of the people who work for her; especially now, as she is no longer affiliated with any major network and relies on her own Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions (KCAP) for producing digital content and keeping her relevant. Despite what would be a crippling handicap for others purely reliant on network or film exposure, Kris has built a scenario where she generates her own buzz, and even if an iFlix tie-up is in the works, it's the digital content that drives her staying on the public radar.


From L-R: Chief Operating Officer Silliman Sy, CEO Dioceldo Sy, Kris Aquino, and Key Accounts Manager Denise Sy


Always put the children first. Here Kris talked about being a single mom, and how being a single parent can make it difficult, as one has to be constantly working and relying on your own effort to create the lifestyle one wants for the children. Kris talked about how you really have to make the time for the children and make them the center of your life. She commended Dioceldo, who is a single parent himself, and how, when she would converse with his daughter Denice, Kris loved how Denice had such a great sense of values and was contributing substantively to the running of the business. Kris even accepted that she had much to learn on this aspect, as she spoils the boys.

Now much more than just a film and TV star, or media darling, Kris is an entrepreneur and. businesswoman, and proudly spoke about her food franchises. Besides Chowking, she also has her Potato Corner and Nacho Bimby. Under her KCAP umbrella, Ever Bilena is the 39th endorsement she has signed and embarked on. And there's much to be excited about on that end - she is working closely with EB's Product Development and there should be some big announcements in March.



Finally, may forEVER...Bilena ????♥?♥?♥?

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In more ways than we can count, this Ever Bilena tie-up was a match made in Heaven. And if feaven is Forever, Kris now is For-Ever as well.



Photos by Philip Cu-Unjieng and Red Dimaandal