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Luxury On Wheels

When you mention Jaguar Land Rover, you’re talking about two of the most iconic names in the motoring industry. While Land Rover has always been about four-wheel drive vehicles for the gentleman or lady, for the country squire in you; Jaguar is the luxury vehicle for the sophisticate, a car whose mantra for years was ‘Grace, Space, Pace’—Land Rover and Jaguars occupy that arena where eye-catching and sexy, do not sacrifice performance and value. 

So when the new Jaguar Land Rover showroom on EDSA Greenhills opened, despite the heavy downpour that late afternoon, the showroom was brimming with car enthusiasts and collectors. All British cars welcomed their guests, and had Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Philippines Daniel Pruce, and San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez, to lead the cutting of the ribbon. Alistair Scott and Andy Wust of Jaguar Land Rover flew in just for the occasion. 


Launching the new Jaguar Land Rover Showroom


British Ambassador Daniel Pruce and George Barcelon


Grace Ang at the Jaguar Land Rover event


 Frankie Ang and Donna Arcilla

As evidenced by the photos, Jaguar and Land Rover are not brands that rest on their laurels. They constantly evolve, coming up with models and designs that stretch the distinction between automotive and artistic. Jaguar’s F-Pace is their first foray in the SUV market and is only three years old. The Range Rover Velar was launched March of 2017, and can be seen at the showroom. 



If ever the term ‘sexy beast’ was to be applied to motor vehicles; head to the anew Jaguar Land Rover showroom and be enlightened