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Men, Take Your Cue From This Must-Have Accessory From The Golden Globes

Male celebrities at the 75th Golden Globes — arguably the most politically charged awards night in the history of Hollywood — made their appearances on the red carpet with a scene-stealing accessory. 

No, it wasn't an elegant jacket, or a quirky bowtie, great shoes, a watch, or cuff links. It was a simple pin showing off the logo #TimesUp — a non-verbal participation in the movement dedicated to stopping sexual abuse and other forms of harassment in Hollywood and other workplaces for good. 


It's interesting to note that mostly the night's gentlemen wore the pin. As powerful men themselves, it was important to send the message that they fully support their female counterparts and would not stand for injustices made against them. As leading men in an industry accused of abuse at the hands of influential men, this was a fashion statement that went way beyond aesthetics. 

Check out this gallery of Hollywood's most dashing men who donned the accessory and not won us over not just with their handsome looks, but with their strong sense of social responsibility: 


Justin Timberlake, who arrived with wife Jessica Biel


Here we come!! And DAMN, my wife is hot! #TIMESUP #whywewearblack

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Chris Hemsworth, photographed with Jessica Chastain


Winner Gary Oldman 


Jude Law 


#judelaw #goldenglobes

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Winner James Franco 


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Winner Ewan Mcgregor 


Nick Jonas 


#joick #nickjonas

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Nominee Daniel Kaluuya 



Freddie Highmore 


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Winner Aziz Anzari


Seth Rogen


Nominee Steve Carell


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Winner Sam Rockwell


Norman Reedus


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William H. Macy


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