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‘Crash Landing On You’ Drama And Stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Dominate Metro Best KDrama Awards Special Categories

The queen of melodrama Son Ye Jin and top actor Hyun Bin are given the Smart GigaLife special awards during Metro KDrama Awards

Last week, Metro held its Metro Best K-Drama Awards 2020 Special which celebrated the dramas that have dominated our screens and captured our hearts for the year. The awards was the first of its kind in the Philippines, as it honored the top Korean dramas, actors, actresses, and other K-drama achievements of the year. Some of the top dramas that took home awards include Crash Landing on You, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, The King: Eternal Monarch, The Flower of Evil, The World of the Married, Itaewon Class, Hospital Playlist, Dr. Romantic 2, and Kingdom 2. 

Hosted by Tim Yap, some of the presenters include KDrama fans bloggers and editors Juana Manahan-Yupangco, Leah Puyat, and actor and host Richard Juan, as well as the Metro editors Geolette Esguerra, Kate Paras-Santiago, Grace Libero-Cruz, Justin Convento, and Anna Rosete. Two special performers graced the event—SAB who sang her debut song “She” which was featured in nominated K-drama The Flower of Evil, starring Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won; as well as GIBBS, whose song “No Hearts” was featured in two shows: the musical-variety show Good Girl and the K-drama Find Me In Your Memory. 

Apart from the 16 Jury Awards, and the 6 People’s Choice Categories, Metro also collaborated with Smart GigaLife to present three special awards that reflect the brand’s sensibilities.


The first award was for an Outstanding Innovative Actor, which went to Hyun Bin as Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk in Crash Landing on You. 

There is no denying that impact that Hyun Bin’s portrayal of Captain Ri has done—as this award acknowledges how he has profoundly impacted the K-drama scene, global entertainment, and the hearts of Filipinos.

A recipient of numerous acting awards, Hyun Bin’s first breakout role was in the series My Name is Kim Sam-soon, and gained even more popularity with Secret Garden, and Hyde Jekyll, Me, followed by Memories of the Alhambra; alongside his films Confidential Assignment, The Swindlers, and The Negotiation. 

“The award goes to the pioneering actor whose body of work spans years of excellence in different genres,” the description stated. And while Hyun Bin has already starred in, and has been repeatedly recognized in films and dramas, his portrayal of Captain Ri brings something fresh and new to Hallyu, and—mark our words—will be unforgettable for years to come. 

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Your Ultimate Hyun Bin Drama Guide


The second award was given the Passion Powerhouse Actress, which went to Son Ye Jin for her role in Crash Landing on You as Yoon Se Ri. This award acknowledges her edge as an actress, whose is not only a powerhouse, but is also known for her passion for the craft. 

“This award goes to a superstar, an actress whose massive success through her different roles has been universally lauded,” the description stated. And while Son Ye Jin’s career spans decades, from top dramas and movies such as The Classic, Summer Scent, The Last Princess, as well as Something in the Rain, which gave her monickers such as “Nation’s First Love” and “Queen of Melo.” She is set to have her Hollywood debut in 2022 in Andrew Niccol’s The Cross, which also stars Sam Worthington from Avatar. 

Despite her past achievements, she still managed to make her role of Se Ri memorable—her powerful portrayal is both groundbreaking and iconic, and one which will endear her to a new generation of K-drama fans.

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Finally, for many people, Crash Landing on You (re)ignited their passion for K-Fever. The Phenomenal Gateway KDrama award recognizes how CLOY captured the hearts and minds of Filipinos and the world in 2020. 

This award goes to the drama that opened doors to an enhanced appreciation of other K-dramas—is is a drama that catapulted K-fever in the Philippines to the next level.

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20+ Unforgettable Scenes from ‘Crash Landing On You’

Here are the complete list of winners:

The full list of winners (Jury Awards):

Best Drama: It's Okay To Not Be Okay

Best Actor: Kim Soo Hyun (It's Okay To Not Be Okay)

Best Actress: Kim Hee Ae (The World of the Married)

Best Director: Park Shin Woo (It's Okay To Not Be Okay)

Best New Actor: Ahn Hyo-seop (Dr. Romantic 2)

Best New Actress: Jeon Mi Do (Hospital Playlist)

Best Supporting Actor: Oh Jeung Se (It's Okay To Not Be Okay)

Best Supporting Actress: Seo Ji Hye (Crash Landing on You)

Most Stylish Female in a Drama: Seo Ye Ji as Ko Mun Yeong (It's Okay To Not Be Okay)

Most Stylish Actor in a Drama: Park Seo Joon as Park Sea Royi (Itaewon Class) 

Best Action Scene: Crash Landing on You Motorcycle Scene

Best Ensemble Cast: Crash Landing on You

Best Production Design: Crash Landing on You

Best Miniseries: Kingdom 2

Best Cameo: Park Bo Gum (Itaewon Class)

Best OST: The King: Eternal Monarch

The full list of winners (People's Choice):

People's Choice Best Actor: Lee Min Ho (The King: Eternal Monarch)

People's Choice Best Actress: Kim Go Eun (The King: Eternal Monarch)

People's Choice Best Drama: The King: Eternal Monarch

People's Choice Best Couple: Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun (The King: Eternal Monarch)

People's Choice Best Kiss: Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun (The King: Eternal Monarch)

People's Choice Best Song: "My Love" by Gummy

Special awards presented by Smart:

Phenomenal Gateway K-Drama: Crash Landing on You

Outstanding Innovative Actor: Hyun Bin as Captain Ri Jeong-hyuk (Crash Landing on You)

Passion Powerhouse Actress: Son Ye Jin as Yoon Se-ri (Crash Landing on You)