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Metro Channel Bags The Most Jury Awards In This Year’s 17th Gawad Tanglaw

It’s only been a year since Metro Channel started airing but the lifestyle cable channel has already bagged three of the highest awards for television in this year’s 17th Gawad Tanglaw.

The Gawad Tanglaw or Gawad Tagapuring mga Akademisyan ng Aninong Gumagalaw is an award-giving body that recognizes the best in the fields of television, radio, film, and print. The board that deliberates the awards is composed of media practitioners and esteemed professors from the different universities in the country.


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“Not all the award giving bodies pay attention to design, culinary arts, and sustainable development,” says Gawad Tanglaw Dean Emeritus Dr. Jaime Gutierrez-Ang. “So this is our way of honoring the men and women whose contribution to the field is very evident specifically in the social transformation of students and the society.”

And this year, as Gawad Tanglaw celebrates its 17th year, three of the six Jury Awards—known to be one of the highest awards for television—are going to Metro Channel shows.

Bagging the Jury Award for Cultural Development and Sustainability are shows Show Me The Market, Chasing Flavors, and Food Prints. Present during the awards ceremony held at the newly inaugurated Museo ng Muntinlupa to receive the awards were the hosts and chefs Claude Tayag and Sandy Daza for their respective shows, and ABS-CBN’s Ces Drilon for Show Me The Market.


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Show Me The Market is a travelogue and cooking show hosted by celebrity chef JP Anglo and food blogger Joel Binamira. The show follows the hosts as they explore the Philippines to discover new ingredients, find new techniques and flavors, and meet the purveyors of regional Filipino cuisine.

With the same mission to discover the Philippines and highlight what it has to offer in the culinary scene are Chasing Flavors, hosted by Chef Claude, and Food Prints by Chef Sandy. For Chasing Flavors, Chef Claude unearths the rich history behind many Filipino classics, and tries to recreate the flavors he discovers in brand new dishes. Chef Sandy also goes to different cities and provinces around the country to showcase the produce, the food, and the restaurants that keep the city’s traditions and culture alive.


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“I’m overjoyed, of course, because this has always been my dream since I was still working as a waiter in our Philippine restaurant, Aux Iles Philippines, in Paris. My dream has always been to promote Philippine cuisine and you cannot imagine what kind of new dishes we discover wherever we go,” Chef Sandy Daza shares as he receives his certificate of appreciation during the awards night. “That’s why Food Prints does not feel like work.”

One of the special awards at the Gawad Tanglaw that not many award-giving bodies recognize is the Jury Award for Sustainable Design and Innovation. Awards like these seek to give credit to innovative programs that showcase the Filipino genius when it comes to the arts and design—like Metro Home.



Metro Home hosts Anton Barretto and Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez were both present at the awards to represent the show and witness the culmination of the efforts to create a different kind of program for Filipino television.



“It’s a great honor, truly,” says Anton, who is also the editor-in-chief of the print magazine the TV show was based on. “Metro Home, both the magazine and the TV show, are created primarily to inspire and give honor to the creative brains behind architecture and design in the Philippines. And Metro Home, on its second season, we’re proud to have actually inaugurated a show that showcases the creativity of Filipino design.”

Joey Mead-King takes home the third and final award from Metro Channel, which is the Jury Award for Gender and Development for her show, Women of Style. Women of Style has always been celebrating Filipino women who have revolutionized their fields and embody women empowerment. In this age of gender and female empowerment, it is these kinds of shows that are needed to continue stoking the fire of the cause.


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“I’m so happy! The team puts 110 percent and I’m very passionate about the show, and to be recognized by such a prestigious board, it means so much to me and to the team,” says Joey. And despite its title, Joey emphasizes that the show is not only for women. “More than just women, the show in itself is all about inspiring humans all around. We have women who also share their passion and interest in fashion, style, how they handle their lives and how they work together, what makes them so approachable, so relatable. It’s not a show to intimidate; it’s a show to inspire.”



Accompanying the hosts at the ceremony was Paolo Pineda, Head of Creative Programs Inc., who stresses that awards like these from the Gawad Tanglaw affirm that what they have been doing is right, and will inspire more edutainment shows in the future.