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Only Adults 18+ Are Allowed At Kidzania Manila's One-Night Only Special This February

No kids allowed!

On February 15 Kidzania Manila is switching things up and inviting adults and adults only for their special post-Valentine's Day celebration. Leaving their worries at Kidzania's doors, grownups get to re-live their rosy adolescent days with the "Back To KidZ Love Fair."



Remember when the most exciting time of the year was when your alma matter let you bring your friends from other schools to enjoy your school fair? Remember the carnival food, jail, dedication, and marriage booths? What about the background soundtrack blaring hits by N*Sync, Destiny's Child, Boyz II Men, and Savage Garden?

All of it is coming back to life this month with the help of Kidzania and over 70 industry partners that have brought the event to life! Best of all, we assure you that this after-Valentine's event is not just an evening for loved-up couples; bring your friends because the bigger the group, the merrier it'll be!

During the once-in-a-year event, the indoor city's full array of attractions will be open for their adult visitors alongside special Valentine's Day activities. Here are a few examples of what attendees can be a part of:




  • Dating booth: At the Penshoppe-sponsored fashion boutique, pairs must dress to impress and model their ensembles at the ABS-CBN Theater. Winning couples get a scenic city-wide tour on the custom-made mini top-down Victory Liner double-decker bus.


  • Blind dating game: Of course, it can't be Valentine's without pairing up singles! Kidzania's blind dating game lets lucky guests get paired up with famous volunteer cuties for the evening. They'll spend the night together, laugh together, dine together, stroll around the city together, and maybe a second date might ensue.


  • Love booth: Kidzania's gut furry handcuffs ready for couples that can't get enough of each other! Get attached — literally — to your Valentine the whole evening, or, spot someone that catches your eye and do some cuffing yourself.


  • Portrait booth: Hop on over to the Art & Design Academy and give your sweetheart (or bestest best friend) the gift of a lovely portrait drawn by you. You're not going to be drawing with the usual pen and paper combo, though. The materials are a surprise!



  • Dedication booth: Head  to the ABS-CBN Mobile booth and sent out sweet messages or bold declarations to the one who holds your heart.


  • Marriage booth: You can't show commitment any stronger than by getting married! Kidzania's very own courthouse lets couples of every background get married in a civil ceremony — complete with a judge, witnesses, an adoring audience, vows, an exchanging of rings, and yes, even a signed marriage certificate you can bring home as a remembrance.


  • Jail booth: Naughty guests, beware! Attendees can sign up to be police officers for the night and "jail" people based on any given criteria. Prisoners stay in the cell for 10 minutes and have their mug shot taken, or post bail and get out scot free!


  • Coke bottling plant: Come home or gift your special someone with a personalized Coke bottle at Kidzania's Coke factory! Write a special message and it'll be a custom gift to be treasured for years.

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  • National Bookstore: Have a lot of feelings but can't find the right words? The Mad Libs experts at National Bookstore can help you write an attention-grabbing poem that's sure to put a smile on your date's glowing face.


  • Star Magic Acting Academy: When a card, flowers, or chocolate aren't enough, there's always the option of sending a singing telegram — or doing it yourself. Kidzania's Acting Academy lets you practice your act to make sure it's pitch perfect!


  • ABS-CBN Recording Studio: Sing your heart out to the words and tune of your favorite love songs! Get a feel of what it's like to be in a recording booth and let your vocal talents shine.



When it comes to Kidzania's other activities, there's also:

  • McDonalds Yellowcab: Those with an undying for McDonalds Big Macs can line up and create their own ultimate burger, or head over to Yellowcab to make their own pizzas.


  • Sky Cable: Others can even be Sky Cable line fixers for a day by trying their hands at a building facade transformed into a rock climbing wall.


  • O-Shopping: Where those that are naturals in front of a camera can be a home shopping network host and sell lots of awesome products to an attentive audience.


  • Cebu Pacific: Here, you can play make believe as a commercial airline pilot of member of the cabin crew.


  • Johnson and Johnson: Prepare for the future with your special someone by rocking baby bundles of joy to sleep or nurturing them with pretend baby bottles at the J&J infant ward.



The list goes on and on all the fun things to do at Kidzania Manila, but truly, the only way to enjoy them is to visit yourself! It's the third time that Kidzania has organized an adults-only night, making it an incredible experience that's worth checking out.

Note that Kidzania will be implementing a strictly adults only policy. Children, even when accompanied by adults, will not be permitted inside.

For rates and schedules, visit their official website, email, or call (02) 711-KIDZ.