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Organique California Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

The brand that is devoted to helping people celebrate their lives to the fullest is embarking on a milestone

“The ultimate goal of Organique is to put Organique products in every home in the Philippines,” declares Organique California president and CEO and Metro.Style cover star Cathy Salimbangon during her opening speech at their company’s 10th anniversary celebration last July 31 in Conrad Manila.

Cathy, who holds a nursing degree, moved to Canada with her husband and children. Her work as a nurse there made her realize that many of their patients’ lifestyle diseases could have been easily prevented through food supplements. “We wanted to create a supplement that was not only good for them, but which tasted good, too. What good is your food supplement if you don’t even enjoy it?,” says Cathy in her previous Metro.Style interview.

She and her husband Elton discovered acai berry and its amazing benefits, started a business out of it, and found themselves back in the Philippines in 2008 with the goal of helping Filipinos celebrate their lives to the fullest by keeping their health and energy at an optimum level. 

organique california celebrates its 10th anniversa 0
Organique California president and CEO Cathy Salimbangon | Grace Libero-Cruz

Many can attest to how much Organique Acai has helped them lead better lives and in the process attain their goals by helping them stay healthy. Maggie Wilson-Consunji, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Tweetie de leon-Gonzalez, and Cory Quirino all agree that they are able to go about their multifaceted lives because they are in tip top shape, and that’s partly because they have incorporated this food supplement into their day-to-day living. 

organique california celebrates its 10th anniversa 1
Organique California president and CEO Cathy Salimbangon with ambassadors Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Cory Quirino, Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez, and Maggie Wilson-Consunji who showed their support as Organique celebrates its 10th year in the business. | Geolette Esguerra

To make their decade-long milestone in the business even more special, the brand prepared exciting plans and products, which marketing head Jon Cuyegkeng announced during their 10th anniversary event. In line with their ultimate goal of being part of every Filipino household, Organique California has expanded their product portfolio to include more natural and organic acai berry food supplements like Organique Acai Choco Mix; Organique Acai Coffee Mix; Organique Acai Freeze-dried Capsules in bottles 30s, 60s and 120s; Organique Acai Blue Active Energy; and Organique Acai Kids, which cater to people from different age groups and lifestyles. This follows the phenomenal success of the Acai Premium Blend, the flagship product that established Organique as a leading and trusted wellness beverage brand in the Philippines, United States, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong. 

What's more, the company will also launch trail mix, vita bar, and ready-to-drink beverages, and an acai café that will open in several locations in the metro and in major cities across the country. 

“Our mission, our vision, our advocacy, and our purposeit’s all about providing that perfect health and wellness towards each individual in society. Part of that really is listening intently to our consumers, and that also means understanding what they need,” Jon said as he introduced the upcoming products of Organique California one by one. “We continue to develop these products so we can continue to invite everybody to join us in our journey towards the next 10 years.”

organique california celebrates its 10th anniversa 2
Organique California marketing head Jon Cuyegkeng | Pilar Recto

organique california celebrates its 10th anniversa 3
Organique California presented its upcoming products | Pilar Recto

In order to make their guests feel and experience the core ingredient of their products, Organique California collaborated with Conrad Manila in coming up with a well-thought-out menu that featured dishes infused with acai, such as the main course of 550 Australian Beef Tenderloin, Fondant, Carrot Spears, Gremolata Sauce, and Pink Peppercorn Sauce (which, according to Conrad Manila Executive Chef Daniel Patterson, was marinated overnight in Organique acai “to get that flavor into the beef”) and Acai Berry Inspired “Eton Mess” (Chef Daniel said of the reinvention of their hotel’s signature dessert, “[It has] very light whipped up cream, finished with meringue, and on top of that, we poured a little bit of acai on top. You have the sweetness and the crunchiness of meringue then you got the acidity of the acai.”)

organique california celebrates its 10th anniversa 4
55-degree Australian Beef Tenderloin | Grace Libero-Cruz

Other highlights of the event include a fashion show by fashion designer and stylist Bang Pineda, wherein the ensembles featured embodied what Organique California is all about as a brand. Manila String Machine performed contemporary music with a classic twist all throughout the evening. The brand also awarded their key partners who have been with them and have supported them over the years. 

“For me, I believe that health is not only physical, it encompasses the psychological, mental, and emotional aspects of the individual, so it’s important that we take care of our entire wellbeing,” Cathy says. “With this supplement, you’ll discover that everything is possible. With a strengthened immune system, healthier wellbeing, and renewed energy, you can do mostly anything.”

Photos by Pilar Recto and Grace Libero-Cruz

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