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Part 1: Must Visit Pop-Ups at ArteFino

Fine Filipino products have never been more loved until now. Thanks to ArteFino, a carefully curated arts and crafts fair that features Filipino-made items and impressive newcomer in Manila's bazaar scene, local design and craftsmanship have been elevated to new heights. 

Expect to see how Filipino indigenous materials and traditional crafts-making techniques are given a contemporary upgrade to create distinguishably Filipino products with world-class quality — the end result are products Filipinos can be proud of. 

ArteFino is holding a month-long pop up fair at the Power Plant mall in Rockwell, Makati this December, so if you're looking to get friends and family unique gifts while growing your appreciation of Filipino artistry, definitely find the time to swing by. 

Check out some of the must-visit pop-ups at the ArteFino Christmas 2017 edition: 


Coco & Tres

Here's a business with a heart that's been around since 2005. While they've been manufacturing practical pouches and bags for over a decade, a boom in the local and international traveling scenes motivated them to up their design game. Now, they make gift-worthy totes, travel-friendly reversibles, stylish crossbodies, and multi-purpose pouches of every size and kind — all of which guaranteed to withstand time (in terms of style and durability), be reasonably priced, and are made from materials indigenous to the Philippines. 


Crystal Seas

It would be a shame to see centuries-old Filipino artistry die with the passage of time. Crystal Seas — a business that aims to provide Mindanaoan artisans the means to preserve their craft, pass their artistic know-how on to the next generations, and monetize their talent — is on a mission to eradicate that possibility. Everything they sell is handwoven and handcrafted and all products are made with natural fibers, shell, exotic leather, and are detailed with elegant beading. 


Adante Leyesa

Social responsibility is important even for individuals like entrepreneur-designer Adante Leyesa. He's a self-taught artist that specializes in bigger than life accessories like clutches, necklaces, and earrings that'll steal the show on New Year's Eve and other glitzy occasions throughout the year. But behind his bejeweled creations is a desire to reach out and better the lives of those around him; he's partnered with out-of-school-youth by training them in the art of accessory making as well as ethnic communities from Benguet, Ilo Ilo, and Antique to name a few by training the spotlight on their local crafts industries and the beauty of materials found in those provinces. 



When you've mastered a material, you can wield its power and extract the potential that lies within it. No one knows this better than home decor and accessory, furniture, and lighting designer Altum. All their items seem like a well-manicured home cataloger come to life; clean lines, uncluttered yet artistic finishes, colors that are kind to the eyes as well as combinations of textures abound in the Altum collection. Best of all, Altum accepts custom orders and you'll be glad to know that proudly Filipino artisans create their products. 



Gawad Kalinga communities are the ultimate winners when it comes to Domesticity. The lifestyle brand whose design aesthetic is adding a touch of provincial charm and countryside sensibilities is all about the holistic help of a Gawad Kalinga community and its inhabitants. Every time you purchase any of its kitchen and dining, bed and bath, and infant items, you're actually contributing to the skill development, character formation, livelihood making, and overall empowerment of a Gawad Kalinga community.