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Passionfest BGC Kicks-Off An Exciting Holiday Ahead

Entering the Passionfest BGC.

There’s no shortage of excitement for the Passionfest BGC. Last weekend, the annual fiesta lit the strip of Bonifacio High Street with the theme ‘FestivAll In Seasons’, filled with family-friendly activities, educational opportunities and shopping. Each block has been divided to highlight into four sections, each named after a season.

Quiz Games With The Haribon Foundation

Free bike lessons, face painting sessions, DIY workshops and other invigorating activities can be found in the Summer Block, which settled in the 11th Avenue. The Spring block, positioned in the 7th and 5th Avenue, gave more options for health & wellness, which included a taste of the Gourmand Market.  Just further down to 7th Avenue, the Autum section celebrated more artistic crafts, like terrarium making, rubber stamps and more. And finally, the Winter block on 9th Avenue featured soulful performances by local talents, like Joey Ayala and John Lesaca.

Locally Juice Truck

All in all, the Passionfest BGC continues its legacy as the communal gathering of the BGCitizens and their friends, sharing a weekend long of family time, and quality fun. But, as it only marks the beginning of BGC’s Season of Passions, it’s safe to say that the fun is just beginning.

In the next few days ahead, we can all expect the festivities to just amp up as the Holiday (November 28- Decemeber 25), and the New Year’s Countdown (December 31) are already lined up ahead. Without a doubt, Bonifacio Hight Street and Taguig will be a merry hotspot for families and friends to come together!

Quest Concert in the evening


Photos are courtesy of CID Communication and Passionfest BGC.