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Here's Where You And Your Kids Can Bond This Coming Halloween!

The event, dubbed "Rockwell Airways: A Power Plant Mall Halloween Celebration," will be on October 27

Halloween celebrations are always fun, albeit a little spooky, for kids. Many of these kids look forward to Trick or Treat, and many parents, too, go the extra mile to prepare costumes for their little ones. 

Kids love playing dress up in general, and parents can surely relate to stories of kids wanting to wear costumes even when just going to the mall. Well, Halloween is the perfect time to give in to this request! To make it even more fun, it's even fantastic to have the parents wear twinning outfits with themhow cute is that?!

Now, make plans to go to Power Plant Mall come Halloween season, because they have prepared an amazing travel-themed event kids and their parents will surely enjoy! "Rockwell Airways: A Power Plant Mall Halloween Celebration" will be held on October 27. The mall-wide event will take everyone on a fun-filled adventure around different parts of the world, such as the Philippines, Japan, India, South Africa, France, and England. The opportunity to immerse oneself in these diverse cultures is exciting in itself, but kids will be even more thrilled to participate in various fun games and activities; they will even get chances to win exciting prizes!

There will be an "in-flight entertainment" courtesy of Tectonix who will delight audiences with a balloon show. Kids can join the mall-wide Trick or Treat and collect extra goodies and sweets to add to their luggage. Rockwell Airways will also be serving delicious treats on board.



Book your tickets now for a trip like no other! 

Happy Halloween!

Tickets are available at the R1 Level Concierge (near Mango). Ticket reservations will not be accepted.