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The ‘Berry’ Merry Return of a Black Icon

At its peak, BlackBerry Limited was one of the most prominent of smartphone brands in the whole world; and in September 2013, it’s peak, there were 85 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide. Specializing in secure communications, mobile productivity and connectivity, and known for its QWERTY keyboard; it was the serious smartphone, the ideal choice of the global business community. Utilizing its own proprietary BlackBerry OS, the eventual popularity of the Android and iOS platforms lead to BlackBerry slipping in popularity. 

Fast forward to today; and currently designed, manufactured, and marketed by TCL Communication as BlackBerry Mobile, an Android BlackBerry Key 2 hit the market last year, and is now followed up by a BlackBerry Key 2 LE version. The Key 2 boasts of twin cameras (12 megapixel on the rear, and 8 megapixel on the front for selfies), dual SIM, and an all-day battery life that extends anywhere from 25 hours to 35 hours even with heavy use.

As TCL Communications Country Head Rudolph Santos explained, TCL now has BlackBerry, TCL and Alcatel as it’s home brands; and they’re especially gung-ho about the resurrection and revival of the BlackBerry Key smartphone among discerning users. To highlight this, they’ve engaged with Key Opinion Leaders; namely, Chef Robby Goco, TV personality Dyan Castillejo, equestrian Toni Leviste, and travel blogger Amadeus Baraan. For the Key 2 LE, they have footballer Simone Rota and hospitality executive Mela Sison Laxamana. 

It was Chef Robby Goco I got a chance to talk to at length about why he favors BlackBerry, and is so happy about its return. He explained that in order to simplify life, he really had to compartmentalize, have a social line and a business line. And you can imagine how important this would be, keeping tabs on his Cyma, Green Pastures, and Souv locations. For Robby, it wasn’t a matter of calling one the primary number; but more about saying these two aspects were of equal importance in order to stay ‘connected’. If social means friends and family, it was good to have a dedicated line that translates to all business-related matters. And it was this versatility that had him overjoyed in welcoming back BlackBerry into his life.

It’s these kind of BlackBerry stories that resonate on the BlackBerry Website and their social media platforms, showing why the return of a solid, dependable ‘friend’ is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.