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RO x Into the Wild: Rosanna Ocampo Celebrates 10 Years In The Local Fashion Industry

It’s no coincidence that when Rosanna Ocampo decided to celebrate her 10th year in the local fashion industry, it would be via a one time event entitled RO x Into the Wild. “I chose to focus on the theme Into the Wild because the one constant source of inspiration through the years was everything garden-inspired—foliage, florals, winged and hybrid creatures. These are all over my pieces, making the aesthetic a signature Rosanna.” Flirty, fun, and sensual, the cocktail and evening wear which first made her name carried these very motifs. 


And her evolution through the decade has been an interesting one to follow. From the made to order custom designs which kicked off her career in 2008, the ORO Black Label launch came about four years ago; and two years ago, her RTW tops arrived on the scene. She expanded to outerwear last year, and earlier this year, we saw her name on new categories such as eyewear. In terms of shows, she counts her participation in the Metrowear and I Can Serve shows as her personal favorites—meaningful for their own reasons. 



TEN. Finally coming down from the clouds after getting the jungle party of my dreams and seeing a room full of special people - old and new faces who have contributed meaningful memories over the last ten years in my designer diary. It was exactly the way I wanted to mark this milestone: no launch, no show, no selling but just one giant merry making celebration to say thank you - The RO way?????? . Thank you for being part of my journey. My heart is full. . . #RosannaX10 #intothewild @ultherapyph @tumitravel @thebotanist @discoveryprimea @tinatimeltd #ultherapyph #thebotanistph #disoveryprimea #tumitravel #tinatimeltd #usingmaccosmetics

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Rosanna’s creative inspirations have also been connected to her wanderlust, the exotic and unique discoveries she makes while travelling. And one vignette at the Flame, Discovery Primea, highlighted this love of hers, and how it comes out in another specialty of her designs, travel wear. This is where her penchant for designing overcoats, cloaks and wraps find purchase—an extension of her creating her own outerwear collection in 2017. This has become such a signature look for Rosanna that TUMI happily collaborated with her to create an interactive vignette.


A second vignette highlighted her being chosen to be one of the current crop of Ulthera ‘ambassadresses’. Given how her slinky, body-hugging silhouettes were such favourites, this relationship with Ulthera was such a natural fit. As Rosanna quips, “The luxe tops were a reflection of my new life, and those of my clientele. We may no longer be painting the town red, but we certainly still want to dress up!” I would surmise this references that fact that since her 2008 start, Rosanna has married, and is now a proud mother of two. 


As for her clientele, while they also are personal friends, they read like a roster of the young, strong, ambitious women of Manila today. Crickette and Kat Tantoco, Steph and Jessica Keinle, Steph Zubiri-Crespi, Bianca Elizalde, Felicia Atienza, Xandra Rocha, Joey Mead King; these are just some of Rosanna’s muses for her night of celebration. Through the years, they’ve counted on Rosanna as one of their regular go-to’s for special occasions and eventually, for everyday wear as well. 

Team Rosanna from high school include the likes of Marielle Santos-Po, Isha Andaya-Valles and Chris Yam-Daez, and Marielle had this to say, “Rosanna makes you embrace your femininity, makes women feel sexier and definitely gives you that boost of confidence every time you step out wearing one of her gorgeous creations.” And Isha chimed in with, “Its easy to simply say Rosanna’s clothes are feminine and fun, but that fails to qualify the hidden magic you feel...the kind that puts a spring in your step and makes you want to hit up the dance floor with invisible party hat on!”




Clients now bosom friends Nicole Ortega and Alex Eduque were present and accounted for, with Alex on hand to chip in with, “While ten years in the industry is definitely a feat, the real milestone we RO women celebrate is the confidence her designs and creations give us - that priceless million bucks feeling.” And what’s a celebration without family? Rosanna’s three brothers were at Flame Discovery Primea, declaring that “We are so very proud of everything Rosanna has accomplished so far and look forward to the creativity and success the next ten years will bring her.”

Having taken courses in the Istituto Europeo di Design, Istituto di Moda Burgo, and gaining a Masters at the Istituto Marangoni of Milan, it’s only natural that Italian culture and the ‘dolce vita’ way of life would creep into her aesthetic sensibilities and design philosophy. The garden-inspired designs, sunny, vibrant and celebrating colour, as seen in her RTW luxe tops are very much a part of this personal design provenance. And it’s in how she makes what’s very personal become general and share-able that makes her apparel such a joy to wear for her many customers. 

In these days of social media blasts, hype, and fashion hyperbole; Rosanna is something of an anachronism. She’s depended on word of mouth and quiet, steady growth to bookmark her career; knowing that the confident sophisticated, discriminating Filipina will eventually seek her out. It’s been a wonderful 10 years in Fashion for Rosanna, and we’re overjoyed that she’s shared it with us all. 


Photos by Philip Cu Unjieng