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Experience The Best Of Beauty And Fashion This September Through StyleFestPH

Most press releases and media kits follow a template of stating facts and figures, and oftentimes, leaving us writers to read between the lines and appreciate what isn’t explicitly written. Such was the case when Globe and SAGA Events Inc. launched their Stylefest Ph. Ostensibly, it’s a fashion and beauty festival that culminates come September 7-9 of this year at the Grand Hyatt Manila.

But it’s component parts show a much grander design. The three major activities are the following:



stylespotting - which has to do with spotting the next trend, and making the website stylefestph, the repository of designers and brands communicating with the market.

Then there’s stylespace, a 3 day exposition at the Globe Iconic, the BGC Amphitheatre, where digital and physical retailers converge; from local to international retailers, to manufacturers and suppliers.

And there’s styletalks, where innovative thinkers from fashion & beauty brands, plus digital retailers and influencers, discuss and share their thoughts on industry topics, to be held at the Grand Hyatt.

Corollary to this is the stylefestph’s Designer Mentorship Program; where 8 winning young designers will be mentored by the stylecouncil, and have their collections released in both Zalora and 0917 Lifestyle. 

When you look closely at the overall project and it’s broken down parts, one sees just how exciting and groundbreaking this all is for Globe. Acting more like a content provider than your regular telecom, Globe has partnered with the likes of Disney, the NBA, Spotify, Fox, and Netflix, to champion the Filipino cause (as in how Birdshot, co-produced by Globe, was made available on Netflix), and create a diverse and unique proposition to its subscribers - rewarding loyalty with exclusives and content.

If fashion and retail was a seeming dalliance via the 0917 Lifestyle ‘experiment’, Stylefest will now be the one that gives provenance and street cred to the exercise. These mentored designers will be the conduit via which the 0917 collections acquire a new veneer of fashion authenticity, plus the marketing strength of Zalora guarantees that the apparel line has the ‘wings’ to reach a much wider audience than the 0917 network could have provided without having to physically create more stores. 

If the local fashion community of trendsetters and creatives ever needed a new champion, then Globe is strongly making its case to be that very entity. Via the website, it hopes to be the ‘hothouse’ of communication—the all important medium via which ideas, trends, and learnings can be gathered, sifted, and applied. What this means for Globe myBusiness and the Fashion Retail world you can speculate on. Plus the events (fashion show and the talks) provide valuable exclusive content for Globe to share with the public.

In short order, this isn’t just a three day Stylefest but a longer term endeavor to align Globe with the fashion and beauty community—whether it be the retailers, designers, or the consumers.