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The 2,018 Reasons Shakey’s Means New Year

Ever since Shakey’s opened the doors of its first Manila eatery some 43 years ago; it has come to mean Fun Family & Pizza for so many people; young and old alike, and across generations and social strata. That distinct thin crust pizza, their Mojos, their version of Spaghetti–they're inescapable parts of growing up in the Philippines: of dining out with the family, or hanging out with the ‘barkada’, or where we went during that getting to know him or her stage.

Shakey’s is such an institution, it could easily just rest on its' laurels. But rather than do that, it knows you're only as good as yesterday's Sales; and you constantly have to market, innovate, and find new ways to hang on to your clientele from over the decades, while encouraging new ones to try you out. So it's become a tradition at Shakey's to offer something fun and family-friendly every year. And they've come up with one of the craziest deals of the New Year!

Luis and Edu with the Shakey's Pizza's executives

#Lucky2018 is both a play on their current endorser, Luis Manzano, and how they've created a new Meal Deal that's simply out of this world. For P2,018, you get the Shakey's 2018 Meal Deal: two Large Thin Crust pizzas, two platters of Pasta, ten pieces of Chicken n' Mojos, ten pieces of their Mozzarella sticks, a platter of salad, and two pitchers of iced tea. Beat that! 

To emphasize how great a deal this is when eating with the family or with large groups, Shakey's 'recruited' Edu Manzano as their new endorser, making this witty father and son tandem their spokespersons for the 2018 Meal Deal. Go watch the new video ad with Edu dressed in polka dots from head to toe as he courts Good Luck for the New Year, and Luis clues him in on how all you need is this new Meal Deal to be one lucky person–it's hilarious!

During the press conference announcing this Meal Deal, the father and son team gamely played games with the audience, fielded questions during a Q&A portion, and regaled the crowd with their bright humor, wit, and gentle sarcasm. When asked what their 'dream film project' working together would be; Luis offered the idea of a Captain Barbell movie where both of them would play the superhero. As Luis explained, he would be the Captain Barbell of today, while Dad Edu would be the flashbacks of Captain Barbell in the past. This prompted Edu to drop the mic and act like he was leaving the table–which provoked laughter from the gathering. 

It was this kind of banter and needling that made the minutes fly by during the press event. As Shakey's President & CEO Vic Gregorio enthused, "Edu and Luis embody the brand in every way, which is why we are excited to welcome them into the Shakey's family this 2018." 

Whether it's bonding time with the family, hanging out with the entire barkada, or just simply spending time in smaller groups; Shakey's is there to be the 'lucky' place–with their Lucky 2018 Meal Deal.