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Former NBA Player Tim Hardaway Sr. Is In Manila For NBA 3X Philippines

As part of the lead up to this weekend’s NBA 3X that’s sponsored by AXA, the two powerhouses had a media event featuring 5-time NBA All-Star and certified legend, Tim Hardaway. For those who have been following the NBA for decades, Tim was part of Golden State’s Run T.M.C - where T was for Tim, M was Mitch Raymond, and C was Chris Mullins - of the late 1980’s and early 90’s, as coached by Don Nelson. Tim Hardaway was known for his crossover move that had to be seen to be believed, and was such a signature move of his, it was even branded the UTEP Crossover (for his alma mater University of Texas El Paso).



Moving to the Miami Heat and coached by Pat Riley, Tim was part of the team that figured in those classic playoff duels with the Knicks - Tim’s teammates then included Alonzo Mourning and Jamal Washburn. He then played for Dallas and Indiana before retiring. And yes, his son is Tim Hardaway Jr. who plays for the New York Knicks. Presently, Tim is an Assistant Coach with the Detroit Pistons. So here was a certified NBA Legend spending the early afternoon with us.



As both Rahul Hora and Amor Balagtas of AXA Philippines were happy to say, the AXA relationship with the NBA as Official Insurance Partner has meant a lot to them in terms of mutual brand affinity; and that it was time again for the NBA 3X only highlighted the commitment of AXA to push for Youth Development, and finding linkages for the notion of having a game plan in your life. 

Tim Hardaway was only too happy to put AXA, insurance and game plan all in one sentence, as he stressed how he’s often had to have such a game plan mentality in approaching life, and uses the same concept and approach in trying to impart life lessons to his son. He was hilarious talking about how he’s so conflicted when his Detroit Pistons team play the Knicks. There’s a part inside him that of course is cheering for his son, and loving it when he’s playing well; but at the same time, knowing it’s his responsibility to shut his son down, and make the Pistons win. It’s a phenomenon these 1st generation players have to face as they take on managerial or coaching positions on a team, and see their own sons fly into town, donning the colours of an opposing team. 

There’s a swagger and pride that Tim keeps close to his chest. Asked who his all time favorite NBA player was, he really wanted to say himself; than said it would be Michael Jordan, still his choice for Best Player who ever played the game. He was also  quick to say no one comes close to his crossover move, but acknowledging that Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, and Chris Paul have some sweet handles. And as for his Run TMC team versus today’s Warriors; he grinned and said that if they would be playing under the rules of those years when the game was more physical, he thought his team could beat today’s Warriors pre-Kevin Durant. With Durant in the mix, Tim readily admitted Durant would just shoot over anyone they’d put in his face. 

Brash, entertaining and articulate, the Sports media just loved Tim, and he loved them right back, ready to pose for photos with them and linger. For these journalists, you could see etched in their smiles, how thankful they were to AXA and the NBA for creating this very special opportunity.