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Tim Tam Ong's Latest Collection Revisits The Filipino Heirloom Heritage

To celebrate the formal launch of her Power Plant, Rockwell boutique, Tim Tam Ong unveiled her Heirloom Collection. Inspired by a mother’s love for instilling appreciation for one's own tradition, culture, and sense of authenticity, Tim Tam dedicates this collection to her two young sons.


Proud to declare that the various products in the collection are 100% locally made, Tim Tam says that the collection is also her way of promoting Filipino talent. These meticulous, handcrafted designs are testament to Tim Tam’s dedication to finding beauty in the ordinary and the obscure. Whether it’s carabao horn, mother of pearl, or regular pearls, Tim Tam finds ways to make these designs personal and unique.


“Each piece is exceptional but cohesive to the theme of the entire collection,” she explains. “I love making women feel beautiful in what they wear, and these pieces can effortlessly be taken from daytime to nighttime. In terms of how I came up with the designs, I love to sketch; and most of the time, the best designs come from what I like to call my happy accidents... I never repeat a design I’ve done in the past. I may make variations of a certain design, but never an exact replica. I believe in giving each wearer that distinct ownership of that particular design.”

A member of the Gemological Institute of America, Tim Tam credits being exposed to creativity, beauty, and the magic of design while she was growing up to her present vocation and obsession with jewelery. Right after college, she pursued her love for gemmology and the jewelery arts and then blended this with her knack for business.

Personally, I’ve been witness to the growth and expansion of Tim Tam’s business. From her LRI store, to participating in pop-ups and bazaars; it’s nice to see the recognition for her talent in design and entrepreneurial skills manifested via this new location on the 2nd level of the Power Plant’s new wing.



Photos from Philip Cu-Unjieng

Lead images from @timtamongpage