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UNIQLO Flagship Store Has Landed

How often have we entered a UNIQLO in Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore and felt that there was an enhanced experience that just wasn’t duplicated when we entered the UNIQLO stores in Manila. Sure, the merchandise was here in Manila, but somehow, it felt diminished or reduced—less selection and variety, not as much effort in the displays, extras and frills. There would be moments when we couldn’t quite place a finger on it, but we knew it just felt different entering these UNIQLO’s abroad.

Well, fret no more, as someone was reading our thoughts and UNIQLO in Manila has just gotten brighter and better with their Glorietta 5 Global Flagship Store. It’s two floors of bountiful floor space (4,100 square meters) that will vie with any other UNIQLO store worldwide in terms of the retail experience. To make your smile get broader, you’ll be happy to know that there’s even tweaks here and there that proudly champion this is UNIQLO in Manila, in the Philippines! Collaborations with Filipinos known for their artistry in various fields —from the culinary arts to installations have been forged.


During the media launch, it was Jordy Navarra’s Toyo catering, and one of the mannequin displays on the 2nd level was a collaboration between a Japanese stylist Shun Watanabe and our own Leeroy New providing the headgear. Both Jordy and Leeroy feature in UNIQLO Manila’s Future Hero campaign. And Kenneth Cobonpue designed the lounge furniture in the terrace, which acts as a community area. And Plus63 Design Group have produced art pillars within the store’s floor area.

As Satoshi Hatase, CEO of UNIQLO Southeast Asia and Oceania, was proud to announce, “Our Global Flagship Stores are designed as showcases to the world, displaying the very best that UNIQLO has to offer. UNIQLO Manila is an important example of our commitment to Southeast Asia. It is one of the largest UNIQLO stores in the world and is a big step toward continued UNIQLO growth in the region and globally.”

One of the main attractions of the new UNIQLO Manila is the Kids and Baby section, which is now the biggest in the country. And there’s the expanded dedicated UT and Collaboration area. On the first floor, their proprietary technology products, such as AIRism and HEATTECH, are displayed.




Jump Force by Bandai Namco Entertainment, a still to be released game in 2019, can be previewed at the gaming space found on the second level. This is in conjunction with Jump UT.

All in all, there’s much to explore and discover in this new Global Flagship Store.


Lead images from @uniqlophofficial