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Here’s Why This Virtual Masskara Festival is The Best Way to End Your October

Let loose, have fun, and celebrate the Festival of Smiles with Neon By Nature, a virtual open dance floor featuring Manila’s top DJs


The Masskara Festival in the Philippines was born out of the crisis that the locals on the island of Negros went through in the 1980s. This festival serves as a declaration of their resilience and optimism amidst the toughest times.

For the people of Negros, contrast is what makes life more unique and exciting! In today’s era of isolation, uplift your inner spirit and connect with others too! Dance the night away with friends even just at home, with Manila’s best DJs and artists.

Don Papa Masskara

Don Papa Masskara pays tribute to the Festival of Smiles, celebrating the resiliency and personality of the people of Negros. Have fun and go wild in Sugarlandia Amok, where everything is not as it seems.


An American-aged rum infused with local honey, calamansi, and siling labuyo, Don Papa Masskara brings the perfect amount of spice and sweetness that every young and free-spirited millennial would want to have a taste of.

Celebrate with Don Papa Masskara and Very Done in the most-awaited virtual festival of the year. Neon by Nature will be streamed on Don Papa Masskara’s Facebook Page on October 30, 2021 (Saturday) at 9 PM.

This is a free-for-all festival you wouldn’t wanna miss! End your October with a blast and some sip of sweet and smooth rum. Because with Don Papa Masskara — we bask in the thrill and excitement of life, one drink at a time.

Who to Watch Out for in Neon By Nature


Average Bri of Very Done will kickstart this much-awaited festival. With this beatmaker in the party, it sure is going to be extra spicy. He released his first track last July entitled “Labuyo”, still available on all streaming platforms.

Dani Zam


Dani Zam will be joining our lineup of artists for Neon By Nature. This singer’s music is a sweet sensation to our souls. Stream her album “Eden” on Spotify and other music platforms.

DJ Jazz Zamora


DJ Jazz Zamora of Very Done is also a part of this virtual festival. His passion as a dancer and DJ has inspired his unique style and sound that certainly stands out. He recently released a new mixtape for Volume 07 of FRAME Tapes for Selectshopframe.

DJ Tolo Marvelous


DJ Tolo Marvelous of Very Done is one of the DJs for Neon by Nature. This dancer-turned-disc jockey can surely make everyone groove to his sick beats. Steam his first single “To the Moon”, available on all streaming platforms.

DJ Euric


DJ Euric of Very Done also joins our lineup of DJs for the event. His enthusiasm and energy always keep the fun alive. He recently co-hosted #BeKindToYourMind, the country’s first-ever Mental Health Concert alongside Katz Salao.

Catch Nadine, Ben & Ben, Curtismith, and More in #BeKindToYourMind Mental Health Concert


Catch Nadine, Ben & Ben, Curtismith, and More in #BeKindToYourMind Mental Health Concert



Motherbasss, the electric and dynamic duo of DJ Nix Damn P! and drummer Macky Brillantes, completes the artist lineup for Neon By Nature—definitely the one to watch out for. Their first and original album “Infinite Afternoon” is out now on all streaming platforms.

Neon By Nature


End your October with something new and exciting! Don Papa Masskara is everything you need and more! Enjoy your youth and get a taste of sweet Sugarlandia in Neon by Nature with your favorite artists and DJs. The event will be streamed on Don Papa Masskara’s Facebook Page on October 30, 2021 (Saturday) at 9 PM.

Don Papa is available in all S&R branches, Ralph’s Wines and Spirits branches, and selected SM Kultura stores. You can also order online at