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Welcoming New Year Across The Globe

Filipinos commonly welcome the New Year by being with their loved ones during media noche, a “feast” influenced by the Spaniards which literally means “midnight”.

It serves as a special occasion to each family, because it is the last meal of the year that was and the first of the year that is about commence.

Other influences--from the Chinese culture--is also observed in Filipino culture. Foremost, the practice of putting twelve round fruits on the table to symbolize prosperity all throughout the year, whereas a fruit equates to a month. Fruits must be round, because a circle is limitless; therefore, unending wealth.

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Also from the Chinese, I remember our family eating sticky desserts during media noche to continue to stick together in the coming year.


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In Denmark, it has been a large tradition every New Year to smash plates against the front doors of your friends. They say it brings good luck. The more plates you smash, the more good luck arrives! In addition to that, jumping off a chair on the dot of midnight symbolizes your leap into the New Year.


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In Spain, eating twelve pieces of grapes before the clock hits 12 o’clock is a must. It has been a tradition because each piece resembles a wish that you shall make before midnight.

Tree planting in Siberia comes with a twist – you must do it underwater! However, only professional divers can participate, because it involves punching a hole in Lake Baikal’s ice coverings.

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For travel junkies, walking around with your suitcase can bring you many travels throughout the year. This is practiced in Colombia. You can walk around your house or the streets!

How about some coins during New Year with Guatemalans? They take twelve coins at midnight to throw them on the streets while facing the opposite way. They believed this can give you abundance in your savings all throughout the year.

Getting close to Asia, Indonesia has two New Year celebrations. January 1 serves as the official and the other one for Islamic New Year which dates vary.

 So, how will you welcome 2018? Whether you prefer being in a media noche or just tapas along with glasses of your favorite champagne with your loved ones, let each New Year’s Eve bring us luck, growth, and all things happiness!

On behalf of Metro.Style, we wish you another year full of sophistication and style!