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Here’s Where You Can Watch ‘The Future of Food: What’s Our Game Plan’

Key F&B leaders, from Margarita Forés to Eric Dee, discuss how to bounce back from the effects of the pandemic

Last April, chef and bestselling author Angelo Comsti was joined by key leaders of the food and hospitality business to talk about the future of food and how to bounce back from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The disruption caused by the Covid19 has directly affected the food and restaurant industry. How will it bounce back from the consequences of the pandemic? Watch the possible post-Covid 19 future of food—from restaurant service adjustments to new protocols on "The Future of Food: What’s Our Game Plan?" moderated by Chef and Best-selling Author Angelo Comsti (@fooddudeph). Featuring a panel discussion of influential personalities from the Food and Beverage industry: Eric Dee (@ericthomasdee), Dom Hernandez (@chadominic), Bel Castro, Cecille Poignant (@cecilepoignant), Chef Margarita Forés (@margaritafores), and Secretary for Tourism Bernadette Romulo-Puyat (@bernsrp), premieres on May 3, 8:30 PM on Metro Channel and Metro.Style Youtube Channel!

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Eric Dee, CEO of Foodee Global Concepts; Dom Hernandez, CEO of Franchise Asia Philippines; Margarita Forés, restaurateur and owner of Cibo di M Signature Caterer; Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat, Department of Tourism secretary; Bel Castro, Assistant Dean of the College of Hospitality Management at Enderun; and Cecile Poignant, trend analyst and social perspectivist all took part in an hour-long discussion and webinar that examined the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on restaurants, restaurateurs, and—most importantly—their staff. 

“This effort that we’re doing to keep businesses alive is really mostly for our staff,” reflected Margarita. Daily wage earners are the people who are most affected by the lockdown, after all. But Sec. Berna believes in the power of the Filipino spirit: “Filipinos have proven that we’re resilient and that we’re innovative. I’m confident that when this is all over, we’ll overcome this challenge.”

With the advent of the ‘new normal’ brought about by the pandemic, many restaurants have had to pivot and shift their efforts to delivery. “F&B is about service; it’s about that communication between a restaurant and the consumer,” says Eric. “[Since the lockdown], we’ve had to do menu optimization and delivery optimization, because not everything delivers well.”

All this and so much more were discussed at the panel, premiering tonight at 8:30PM on Metro.Style’s YouTube channel and Metro Channel. 

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The Future of Food: What’s Our Game Plan? has replays on May 4 at 11AM, May 6 at 9PM, and May 7 at 7PM on Metro Channel.