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8 Reasons Why Your Husband Would Love The New Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari’s most powerful convertible ever is now in the Philippines, its unmistakable engine silencing everything else at a VIP reveal in the Okada Manila. As a Grand Tourer, the Ferrari Portofino is a perfect meld of luxury and versatility, fused to the Prancing Horse’s exceptional driving experience.

When Autostrada’s Wellington Soong and Udenna’s Dennis Uy—the strategic power alliance that brought the car to Manila’s shores—rolled the cover off the Portofino, a hush fell over the room. Who could spy such a beauty without being awestruck? We approached the refined masterpiece with an almost spiritual reverence, admiring the elegance of its lines, closing our eyes to take in the engine’s full-throated roar.



In that moment, we were sure that any man (or woman!) would jump at the chance to take the Ferrari Portofino out for a spin, for we certainly did. Here are eight things you and your husband would love about the Ferrari Portofino:


1. It exemplifies panache.

Yes, we’re using a French word to describe a true Italian car, but there’s no better word to describe the confident, self-assured luxury of the Portofino. As the all-new replacement for the California T, the Portofino outclasses its predecessor in looks—it’s simply drop-dead gorgeous. A Ferrari through and through. Whether you’re face-to-face with the Portofino or discreetly checking it out at an angle, its body’s curves are stunning. And just like Mona Lisa’s iconic smile, the edges of the front grille angle upwards ever-so-slightly. An enigma. Except that you know what’s behind that smile: a beast of an engine.



2. It sports a powerful engine.

The reworked engine is the latest version of the award-winning twin turbo V8, giving the Portofino the power and torque that sports car lovers crave. Get ready to be pushed back in your seat as this Ferrari charges from 0-100kph in just 3.5 seconds. Don’t be put off by the manufacturer’s conservative estimate—the Portofino is the Ferrari’s most agile convertible to date. This beautiful prancing horse races ahead of the pack with a seven-speed dual-shift gearbox. A smooth ride is guaranteed in automatic, but true fanatics will stay on manual, shifting from strength to strength with the carbon fiber paddles behind the steering wheel.



3. It’s meant to be a daily driver.

At the risk of saying it too many times, the Portofino is a joy to drive. But it’s not meant to be confined to the racetrack (you might get a Ferrari 488 for that). Instead, the Portofino’s creators designed it for you to enjoy daily driving. That means comfortable, roomy front seats, and two rear seats suitable for short trips. We’re guessing the spacious trunk helps during quick runs to the grocery store? One thing’s for certain: when you go wheel-to-wheel with other cars at the stoplight, people will stare. We recommend you customize your order with shields, so they’ll know you’re driving a Ferrari.



4. It delivers the classic Ferrari sound.

But if one’s got ears to hear, he’ll tune into the exceptional sonics the Portofino delivers. Thanks to further tweaking, the exhausts are now larger and electronically controlled. That lets passengers fully appreciate the characteristic Ferrari V8 soundtrack in open-top driving. Above 3,000 rpm, the engine emits raw, powerful sounds that make listeners’ hearts skip a beat. It’s the perfect match for the Portofino’s aggressive, muscular profile, and it’s sure to turn heads.



5. It’s like getting two different cars.

And when people are looking, there’s another a jaw-dropping card in your sleeve—you can convert the authentic Berlinetta (Italian for “little saloon”) into an open-top Spider a matter of seconds. With the push of a button, the Portofino begins moving, Transformers-style, to retract its hard top. (Basically, an already sexy coupe turns itself into a sportier convertible, adding extra sleekness to the silhouette.) You can even do this while driving at low speeds! In convertible form, the car’s innovative aircon and wind deflector work together to reduce air flow and noise, features that passengers will appreciate.




6. It’s a brilliant union of design and technology.

Even as they plied on power to the engine, Ferrari’s all-star engineering team was able to lighten the Portofino. From bigger but lighter pistons to a 100% aluminum chassis, the GT is 80 kg lighter than its predecessor, yet with 35% better torsional rigidity. That’s crucial in performance cars, which must resist twisting forces while negotiating curves in the road. The Portofino also carries a host of next generation driving tech, including E-Diffs. These electronic rear differentials were first used in F1 racers to improve the car’s grip on the road, acceleration, and steering. The result is an extremely dynamic and responsive Portofino, confirmed by the Red Dot Design Award it received earlier this year.  



7. It’s got an F1-like steering wheel and an upgraded infotainment system.

The Portofino puts a premium on on-board comfort through an intuitive 10.2-inch HD touchscreen display, which comes with Apple CarPlay connectivity. Of course, the display controls the navigation and the sounds coming from the premium JBL speakers. But, surprise—it also manages the 18-way adjustable electric-powered seats. All of this comes together to give the perception of a supremely gorgeous cockpit. Pair that with a flat-bottom steering wheel with a console that imitates the ones used by F1 greats like Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel, and you’re all set.



8. It’s all about la dolce vita.

The Ferrari brand wants you to live the good life with the Portofino. That’s why they named the car after one of the most attractive towns in the Italian Riviera, a scenic town that exudes elegance and nobility. The Ferrari Portofino’s curves are as lovely as the superyachts docked in its namesake’s harbor, its figure as unforgettable as the town’s view of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. So relax, indulge your senses, and bring the Ferrari Portofino out for the ride of your life.



Photos courtesy of Ferrari Philippines