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10 TV Shows and Films Featuring the Juiciest Schemes and Swindles You Absolutely Have to Watch

Stories about elaborate scams—whether bizarre, tragic, or even comedic—make for highly addictive television. If you’re looking for more to watch after playing Simon Says with The Tinder Swindler, let this serve as your guide

Ah, con artists and their elaborate acts of fraud. We don’t always understand why they do what they do, but we find ourselves both amazed and horrified by these stories, regardless. And no matter how perturbing the scandal is, it’s hard to deny that these stories make for great television, simply because we can’t quite believe what we’re hearing and seeing. This fascination is likely why networks and streaming service providers have been racing each other to produce or acquire the rights to air such programs on their platforms. There’s an abundance of content in this department, but no one is really complaining.

After all, stories about elaborate scams—whether bizarre, tragic, or even comedic—never get old. Anything wildly addictive may as well enjoy a certain degree of immortality. 

It goes without saying that Theranos founder, Elizabeth Holmes (played by Amanda Seyfried), has got to be one of the greatest fraudsters of all time—and that's precisely why the miniseries makes it on this concise list. | Hulu

If, like us, you’ve fallen hook, line, and sinker for this genre quite some time ago, then you may already have crossed most of these shows off your to-watch list. But for the uninitiated or to those who ended up glued to The Tinder Swindler and are looking for more, let this serve as your primer. Of course, this isn’t a complete list. We’ve definitely missed out on other equally juicy fraud-focused TV shows and films; sound off in the comments and tell us your favorites!

In the meantime, happy watching. And whatever you do, mind your head—these things can happen to us, too. It’s surprisingly easy to fall victim to false realities constructed by the cleverest, the slyest, and the wealthiest.

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