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13 Best Must-Watch Horror Korean Dramas Of All Time

Get ready for the spooky season with these spine-chilling K-dramas on Netflix and Viu that are sure to keep you up at night

Even if Halloween wasn't just around the corner, there's nothing like creeping yourself out binge-watching a horror K-drama late at night! | Netflix

It's no secret: we love our K-dramas here at Metro and we can hardly get enough of them. And who can blame us? South Korea has made TV and visual storytelling an art form and the global audience is truly blessed with some iconic stories that stand the test of time.

And some of these stories never really ever leave us. Among these stories, of course, are some from the horror and thriller genres that have left us speechless and, dare we say, wanting more. From a plethora of choice when it comes to zombie apocalyptic stories to the many stories that train the spotlight on monsters, ghosts, witches, and evil spirits, there are so many Korean dramas that have brought to life horror stories unlike we had ever seen before.

Are you ready to take on the ghosts, zombies, monsters, and all other supernatural beings that appear on the K-dramas on this list? Song Kang as Cha Hyun-soo in 'Sweet Home' knows what that's like. | Netflix

This Halloween long weekend, spend some quality time with a bone-chilling K-drama or two that will keep you at the edge of your seats. Make it a family affair or call some of your besties over for a spookfest!

Without further ado, below, we present our top thirteen picks (in no particular order) for the absolute best Horror Korean Dramas of all time. We made sure that they were available to stream on Netflix or Viu, and help you find them on each respective app and streaming platform so you waste no time getting spooked!

Did any of these best horror K-dramas catch your eye? Which one will you be watching tonight?

Of our thirteen picks, we're definitely missing a few. So if you have recommendations, do send them our way and we'll make sure to review it and see if it makes it on the next list. 

Dare us to watch all thirteen of these best Horror K-dramas available on Netflix and Viu? We might turn up like this Hellhound-body. | Netflix

Happy watching, chingus, and have a spooky and fun long weekend!