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20+ K-Dramas To Binge-Watch With Dad This Father’s Day

From ‘Vincenzo’ to ‘Itaewon Class,’ here are 26 must-watch K-dramas your dad will surely love!

Korean dramas, much like romantic comedies, are generally geared toward a female or female-identifying audience. In a study conducted by Drama Fever in 2014, it was found that outside of South Korea, K-dramas are watched primarily by women ages 18–24. In 2015, The Chosun Ilbo reported the medium is targeting older audiences, still women, by casting leading ladies over the age 30. All across the globe, women are tuning into their favorite K-dramas to get their regular dose of fantasy, entertainment, and escape. 

This, however, doesn’t mean that K-dramas are made solely for women and women alone—while many of the plotlines and narratives that drive a K-drama are skewed to women’s tastes, at the end of the day, K-dramas are still TV series that can be watched by anyone, regardless of their age, gender identity, and nationality. With Father’s Day approaching, we’ve rounded up 18 K-dramas you can binge-watch with your dad, from Crash Landing on You (yes—you heard it, Crash Landing on You!) to Hyena!

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