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Here Are 5 Pinoy BL Series That Will Get You Hooked On Boys Love

Are you new to the BL genre or just finding a new show to watch? These locally-produced Boys Love shows will get you streaming all night!

Just like the K-drama obsession that has increased over the lockdown season, the Boys Love (BL) genre also found a steady stream of fans clamouring for the next kilig story to watch out for.

What began with the popularity of Thai BL show counterparts have urged and inspired local producers to air their own. And today, both Filipino and international fans are raving about the numerous Pinoy BL shows you can find on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

Apart from the feels these series brought to its viewers, these are created to be much more relatable and relevant to our present conditions. There are ones that are set in quarantine, just like what we’re experiencing now—narrating modern love stories of meeting online, getting to know each other via video calls and chatting apps, and the struggle of being apart and distant from each other.

It also, of course, talks about gender issues—boy meets boy, they fall in love, and as we know it, there comes their own set of problems. What makes these stories amazing, however, is the way its creators exhibit these issues that opens the floor for discussion and awareness on same sex relationships. It offers viewers not just a sneak peek to the LGBT community, but also serves as eye-openers on coming out, self-acceptance, and finding oneself.

If you haven’t seen a local BL series yet and are curious on what show to watch first, here’s your guide on Pinoy Boys Love shows that you need to watch. We won’t be surprised if you’ll be hooked the first moment you press play on episode one of any of these—we guarantee you not just a fun time, but a worthwhile viewing experience. Read on!

What Keeps Me Calm: 'Gaya Sa Pelikula' As My Friday Night Habit


What Keeps Me Calm: 'Gaya Sa Pelikula' As My Friday Night Habit


When IdeaFirst Company’s Gameboys first aired last May, everyone was amazed by its production—all scenes were captured via screens only as, back then, stricter protocols were implemented in the Philippines. But it isn’t just shots that captured our hearts—the story of livestream gamer Cai Lazaro (played by Gawad Urian 2020 Best Actor Elijah Canlas) and Gavreel Alarcon (played by Kokoy de Santos) are equally exciting and a must-watch. Their connection begins after Cai loses in an online game to Gavreel. Asking for a rematch, Cai was taken to surprise as Gavreel reveals his feelings for him, which the latter continues to pursue in the several rematches that followed. Their interactions extended even after games and, eventually, started opening up with and developing deeper feelings for each other.

Gaya Sa Pelikula (Like In The Movies)

The recently-concluded series is a masterpiece by Juan Miguel Severo and JP Habac. Gaya Sa Pelikula tells the tale of architecture student Karl Almasen (Paolo Pangilinan) who dreams of working in film. He finds himself living alone as he follows a family tradition, and here he meets Vlad Austria (Ian Pangilinan), his neighbor hiding from his family. With the promise to pay Karl’s monthly rent in exchange for Vlad staying in his unit for the semester, the two discover the pressures—and joys—of living with someone else. And along with it, unexpectedly discovering something they never thought they’d uncover. Each episode is heartwarming, brimming with poetic execution and meaningful dialogue that mark this series as one of the best there is.

In Between (Sa Pagitan Ng Kamusta At Paalam)

If you’re a sucker for bestfriends-turned-lovers storyline, this one is for you. The show is set pre-pandemic, and features two childhood friends, Tau Noble (Migs Villasis) and Otep Malaya (Genesis Redido), who decide to get into a relationship. The web series opens with a heartbreaking scene, where Tau and Otep are having a falling out. After some time, they come across each other’s lives again when their friends gather together for a birthday surprise. Little did they know that surprises between them await them, too.

Hello Stranger

One of the first BL series to launch, Hello Strangers relates the tale of two boys who are teamed up for a school project. Mico Ramos (JC Alcantara) and Xavier de Guzman (Tony Labrusca) are students with totally different personalities—one a nerdy guy with big academic dreams, the other a sporty, popular dude. However, as weeks passed by and project meetings extended to late night talks and virtual dinners, they realized that their bond grew more than just being partners.

Boys’ Lockdown

And finally, this ongoing series introduces Ali King as Key Kalunsod and Alec Kevin as Chen Chavez. Boys’ Lockdown rewinds back to the earlier days of quarantine, when everyone is trying to adjust to the new normal. Key and Chen accidentally bump into each other on one of their drug store runs and swaps the medicines they bought. Both try to find ways to meet again after that “first” contact. Unknown by the other, the two already have previous encounters and connections which they will later on find out.

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