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5 Reasons to Watch 'The School Nurse Files'

Where bizzare fun meets dark fantasy, the newly released show isn’t your run-of-the-mill K-drama

Set in a whimsical world where a school nurse can see people’s desires and feelings in the form of jellies or ectoplasmic residue, The School Nurse Files is a recent addition to Netflix’s list of K-dramas. The story merges fantasy and mystery with Korean elements—making up for a refreshingly funny and bizarre K-drama like you’ve never seen before.

Check out these exclusive photos of The School Nurse Files stars—Jung Yu Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk—for Metro.Style!

Nam Joo Hyuk and Jung Yu Mi | Choi Yong Bin for Netflix

These two fantastic actors are more than enough reason to tune in to this special and eccentric drama, wouldn't you agree? These two make quite a tandem and bring so much life to The School Nurse Files' intriguing plot and curious characters!

Jang Yu Mi in 'The School Nurse Files' | Netflix

But in case you haven't tuned in just yet, we’ve rounded up 5 reasons why you should start bingeing this new K-drama:

All 6 episodes of The School Nurse Files are now on Netflix! 

Jung Yu Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk star in 'The School Nurse Files' | Netflix